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Damp Cargo Area

Michael Lamers

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I have damp carpet and underfelt in the cargo area of my 2005 RAV4 Cruiser.  Only had this RAV for a few weeks, it wasn't damp when I bought it.  For the first week it was parked outside with the rear pointing downhill (a decent slope in the driveway) and it rained pretty solid here for the week.

Seeing as this problem has only just developed I'm figuring the sunroof was not closed properly and water got in there.  I'm also thinking that even though water got it, it should have drained out through drain tubes in the C pillar.  There is reference to this on this website http://www.torquenews.com/1083/if-passenger-floor-your-rav4-wet-here-fix

Before I start pulling off interior trim, etc. from around the C pillar and looking for these drain tubes, any advice from other RAV4 owners here would be appreciated.

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