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Auto Sliding Door/Moon Roof Plug Power Issue on 2012 Tarago V6


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Any auto sparkies here able to assist? I'm trying to install a Gentex Auto Dimm Mirror onto the Tarago but before I go out to purchase one, here is my issue. I am trying to avoid going down the A Pillars (Airbags) route and just using the unused Auto Sliding Door/Moon Roof 8 pin plug up tugged near the dome lights. Using a multi meter, there is power to the wires when it is on ACC/Ignition On, however when a door is open power is activated again and goes way in about 1-2 minutes. But the weird thing is (on all wires) there seems to be a small voltage (<1V) constant going through the wires - this creates somewhat of a slight issue, I don't really want the mirror to power itself on and off when doors are open.

The pinouts are as follows:

1 - Nothing 

2 - White/Black Stripes (Ground)

3 - Green

4 - Pink

5 - Yellow

6 - Nothing

7 - White/Black Stripes (Ground) same as 2

8 - Darker Green

In the manual it states that the moon roof button should only have power when the key ignition is "on" so the plug mentioned is for

I'm puzzled about two things:

1. Why is there power (very little) going through to wires even when everything is off? It's like 0.something volts. It should be zero.

2. I can't seem to trace a wire in that plug that is not temporarily activated upon the sliding door being open/shut. See the above pins? I suspect 4 pins are to activate the Left/Right door sliders on automatic door models and 2 is for the moon roof on available models. My best bet is the moon roof ones as the manual states it only activates or powers on when on ignition on but I can't seem to find any wires that have this and are zero when totally off?

Thanks in advance.


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