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2004 Camry Sportivo dash tweeters not working


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Hi i got the headunit changed to a Kenwood DPX-5000BT and now the dash tweeters aren't working, i went back to the place where i got the headunit changed and they said that the tweeters weren't probably working to begin with since the wires for the front speakers and tweeters and both combined together. Now i can't recall if they were actually working before the headunit was changed as i recently got the car, so does know where to get some tweeters from for the Camry.

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If I were you, I would pull the headunit out (its literally 4x 10mm bolts), find a wiring diagram online (google) and figure out which wires are for the tweeters (or front speaks as you alluded to) and test with a LED light if the connection is working. theres plenty of tutorials on youtube how to go about it. Diagnose from there.

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