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Greetings.  I am seeking advice and or suggestions, regarding buying a LC 100 series 2003-2007 v8 manual.  There are 4 I have found similar models, so far the 2006 v8 manual 100 series gxl 139,000 km, is a contender, then there is 2005 v8 manual 100 series gxl with 100,000 km that as well.   That brings me to the point, what year ( 2003-2007) or model of LC is the best?, meaning, I have read some welding issues and front end problems with some models, however 100 150 200 models and different years, confuse me.  I am upgrading from 2003 Hilux, love that car, wanted a v8 in it, but that is all too messy for me and that money put into a LC seems better spent and needs have changed.  For info, when I get one, I will be putting flares on the arches, as I realised a lot of the curb appeal of the Hilux is the flares. I know, a bit shallow, yet the LC I get will be for life. Well at least 20 years.  Any suggestions, insights, tips and best one to get, would be appreciated. Thanks. Phil

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