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Radio Antenna on a Sportivo?


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2 hours ago, Caliola said:

I've just bought a 2003 model and i can't find the radio antenna. Do they even have them?

Check to see if it's embedded in the rear windscreen, a lot of new cars have it there instead of the traditional metal pole or sharkfin.

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15 hours ago, trentmeyer23 said:

Hiro is old school, it's new to him.

I'm a 90s guy, that's not _that_ old skool (way too many wires)

5 hours ago, Caliola said:

 Hiro, what would the embedded antenna look like?

A thin wire running around the perimeter of the rear windscreen glass.

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  • 5 years later...

My 2004 Sportivo v6 has the antenna embedded in the rear windscreen. It looks like the anti-fog wires, but they are two separate wires. The antenna takes up the top 10-20% of the windscreen and the anti-fog covers the bottom There is a clear gap between the two where I can see they are not electrically connected. Incidentally it has the equal best reception of any car I've ever driven (not that I listen to the radio much)

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