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Corolla paint cancer and ding tidy up.

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Thought i would share my current efforts on making my new/old rolla look a little better. Has low kms but the price was good because of the paint and dings. It's never going to be perfect but it will look a little more tidy, It had really bad paint peeling on the bonnet and roof.



After. Not perfect but i will be the only one who will notice.




Next week maybe some paint.



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I stepped down from the sportivo to this auto jap one. And to be honest i like this one almost as much. It handles a treat, the power isnt amazing and especially so being an auto but if you use the gears it can move good enough. The handbrake is by far the best feature and a full credit to touyota for putting it in the right spot ''unlike my camry''. i can slide ''Ruby'' right into my carport no worries. :tongue:

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I can see a lot of you a really interested in this. HA! **** it i will finish the thread now i started it. For the record i had the colour matched in acrylic lacquer, The match wasn't 100% perfect but it will be better than a dermatitis bonnet, ding and roof.. 

Bonnet and Guard are painted and have one coat of clear on them. Next i will oil it back with kero and apply another few coats and call it done.


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Just because people aren't commenting, doesn't mean they aren't interested, it may mean they have nothing to contribute.

If you have that attitude when people read this, it will more than likely make them less interested in the future.

There have been far more extensive builds done here, that have received way less comments than they deserve, but that's the luck of the draw.

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