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What oil for 2008 corolla

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I'm going to start servicing my 2008 Corolla and was wondering what would be a good engine oil to use .The car has done 100000 km and does 50% highway 50% around town .I was thinking of using any 10w30W oil that was on special (ie Valvoline engine armour)


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Good starting point is your owners manual where Toyota will have a list of oil viscosity for various temperature ranges.

My next step is to do Google searches with the search term lube guide and various oil brands then review the recommendations for your vehicle.




Personally, I buy whatever oil is on special with the latest oil classification i.e. SN or GF-5.

I also do regular oil changes every 5,000kms but a lot of my driving is short distance <20 kms. As a general guide, synthetic oil or a semi-synthetic oil will be more suitable for longer oil chage intervals.


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