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Fuel economy


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Without turbo. a 3l hilux 4x2 diesel will give abt 10L/100km unloaded, low wind, mild hills @ abt 80kph.      that translates as abt 33KW cont power.    More power==more fuel.   it's a direct relationship.     If the drag/slope/load don't change, neither does the fuel consumption  A bigger diesel motor will not burn more fuel just because it's bigger, it will burn more because it's producing more power.     More power means more speed  if all else the same.    IE 2 different motors produce the same power, and have similar internal losses, they will burn the same amount of fuel.    That said,

A turbo can improve fuel economy at low loads, but when you make the motor work hard, it can and does produce more power than an aspirated one, and thus uses more fuel then.    If you know your fuel consumption, you know your power produced.  it's approx 3.3KWHr/Liter for a reasonable  diesel motor in fair condition.      Petrol motors, partic 2 strokes have  lower figures.   Speed  has the greatest effect on fuel consumption because drag changes at the cube of a change in speed, thus requiring a cubed increase in fuel to get the necessary power.     NB Power is heat-and what is generated at the crankshaft is also put into your radiator and down your exhaust pipe in similar quantities.     Driving hard, especially with a turbo, requires good cooling.     The cheapest way to drive is modestly, at a near constant speed, (unless running in.) 


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 I have a 2005. KZN165R 3.0TD.  It uses 12l/100.  Around town and highway up to 110km/h are about the same.  It is standard,  well serviced,  has done a bit over 300000kms and has always had the same fuel economy.

It has very similar acceleration to the later D4D KUN26, but has a lower top speed of 145kph. I think this is due to a narrower torque curve. (Runs out of torque over 3000rpm)  Still very respectable performance though.

Excellent choice,  love mine,  still looks and drives like new.  Only ever had to change consumables and yes it does go bush.  The last of the unbreakable Hilux’s

Welcome to the forum and please post some pics

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