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Tricky issue - Playing music from USB

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Hi all,

I have an USB that I have been used for playing music for 12 months on my Toyota Hiace without any problem.

However, I recently tried to play the USB on my 2014 Corolla, the Corolla seems to be not able to "memorise" the playlist, what I mean is:
Every time I turn off the engine and turn it back on again, it takes around 60 seconds for my Corolla to recognise the USB and start playing the songs from the beginning instead of continuing to play the song before I turn off the engine.

This never happen on my Hiace, same USB, same playlist, same folders, my Hiace can recognise the USB a lot faster, takes around few seconds.

[PS: both head unit on my Hiace and my corolla is factory unit, not after market]

(And yes I did tried to not putting the songs in folders, but still, after restarting the engine, my corolla needs 60 second to load the USB and play from the first one.. now I start hating the first song on my USB....)

(And yes I did tried with another USE, same problem)

I have been to the Toyota servicing centre and asked, tech has no idea why, one tech told me that might be the executable function on my USB and asked me to disable it or buy a new USB, I do not how to disable the executable function, any hints?

I am guessing if there is a way to configure the head unit on my Corolla? Please help.

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