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swap 4AFC engine only (from auto car) into 4AFC manual?

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Hi dudes

I need some advice and can't find an answer.

I have a 1989 Toyota Corolla Seca CSX with a 4AFC engine and it's a 5 speed manual.  The pistons on this engine (460,000 kms) and the head is cactus so I need to replace the engine.

Rather than a full engine rebuild I figure it will be cheaper to buy a complete car (possibly an Auto) (so i have lots of spares) and replace the engine with the 2nd hand one with lower kms (~180,000 km) from the complete Auto car -  Note...if I swap over the engine I'll also replace the timing belt and waterpump.

Q. Can I swap in a 4AFC engine from a 1992 Corolla Seca CS Auto (3 speed auto) by removing the auto and bolting on my current my 5 speed gearbox back into my 1989 Corolla (as I want to keep the manual car)?

If so, is there anything i need to be aware of?  e.g. do i need to swap the carburettors also or flywheel?

I've previously swapped another 4AFC engine/manual but am unsure if I can do the same with a 4AFC engine from an auto car as I've never worked on an 4AFC auto before.  

Thanks in advance 

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