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Hi, Can anyone give me a straight answer. Do pod filters need to be enclosed in QLD, I realise they need to be secured which my one is as it’s the hard pipe factory option given on the Caldina ST215 (it’s  a Apexi power intake if relevant)

TMR QLD state this about pod filters... Fitting a replacement air filter, including pod-type air filters, is considered a minor modification and does not require specific approval. When fitting a replacement air filter, you must ensure it is securely attached to the vehicle and does not cause an increase in noise from the air intake system. To resolve this issue, the air filter element may have to be effectively encased or boxed-in.

As my pod was factory fitted in Japan and signed off by TMR as “roadworthy”when first registered in QLD maybe 4 yrs ago why is this an issue now as I failed a roadworthy today at my local ultra tune because of it. It doesn’t make “an increase in noise” as stated in the TMR regs as it’s the only air intake this car has ever had on it so why would I now need to enclose it!!!...

Any help on where I stand with this?

Thanks in advance.




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As long as it is secured with a decent bracket, you should be fine. It will heavily depend on the officer that inspects it.

Many people have exposed filters without issue. In my opinion, it is aimed more at the people who like to have the flutter/compressor surge/"dose" sounds, which reverberate back through the filter. 

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Thanks for the reply. To be honest it really makes no intake/flutter noise except a slight vacuum release sound when throttle is released under load. The factory diverter valve plumbed back into the intake hard pipe makes more noise the the pod itself but not by much....So would it be worth challenging it or just comply and find someone to fab a box for me? Have attached photo of pod in factory configuration.




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