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My car update!


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Looks nice. If only they came in 18s lol.

I'd get them if they did. Get superlows, if you are planning to lower it. =) I've got them and i want the car to sit at least 2-3cm lower... It didnt drop as much as it said it would =/

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They are 16's - I paid $300 for them at Toyota Dealer when i went to buy a DIN pocket after selling my OEM 6-stacker.

How much for some King Springs, sway bars, etc.

(I can't keep fronts at 36psi and rears at 44psi!!!) :D

KING SPRINGS $220 approx...

WHITELINE Rear Sway Bar $169 approx...

Front Strut Bar $30-$200 approx... (I would not get this)

Cold Air Intake $200 approx...

Sports Muffler From Toyota $369 approx...

DBA Slotted Rotors $160each approx..

hmm.......i think thats all i know.... :P

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lol lows are only about 5 mm higher than superlows =P

I've got superlows on and the car still sits 132mm off the ground! Way too high. But it has never hit a speed bump yet.

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I got pedders lows on my 2001 camry and that is low enough i reckon.

and it drives alot better than b4.

i put them in on sunday. they were $240 all up.

i recon get it lowered and that is all you need ay.

it looks good.

$240 inc installation, thats pretty cheap! B)

so what's next?? WHITELINE REAR SWAY BAR?? :P

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