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1965 Crown ute build log.

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Been looking for one of these for a while, and I finally found one close enough to go and get.


The guy I bought it off was about 70, and had lived on the same farm all his life. His dad bought the car brand new in 1965. (I actually found his parents marriage certificate I the glove box, dated 1940).


Planning to do a full restoration and put a 1UZ with a T56 behind it in the car. (Plus a lot more...)08eee0c58cfdaacf97297a246f92bb90.jpga9132a1406aa3b8727ebb3c432121e42.jpg73f3dca31d799a13f3c51566bc7be461.jpg8ea33e1e307a5fefce3e0e6a60e55c7f.jpg86c3b6e9fcfb8bdae014588058348b74.jpg813dfa9dee35fcda94aad3c099ec8fa9.jpgb15b2e642ed049d84da22d6b0554f8d4.jpg8e8110ac0113f03df694b6175ac2c45c.jpgc2c9b3dde2d2ab43c3b8a085fe290f87.jpg


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