iDrive vs onboard Re-mapping

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Morning readers,

I'm about to embark upon throwing vast sums of money at having my 76 Series remapped by a professional. I should point out I've already gone to the trouble - and expense - of fitting a heavy duty clutch.

However a friend of mine has alerted me to this "iDrive" plug and play system. Has anyone out there chosen to give this device a shot as it seems to be all the rage right now? And for substantially less cost, will I get the same/similar results, or will there potentially be some damaging side effects?

For example; does the iDrive cause your fuel burn to increase dramatically? Could it cause issues with your injectors or any other significant engine part?

Any feedback on this greatly appreciated 



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i put one in my old navara d22 it work a treat still have a little slow start but not as bad as it was 

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