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Weird 'buzz' at first gear change


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Hi Guys,  I wonder if anyone else had had this.....

2014 ATX XV50.

When cold, and starting off down the road, there is a strange 'buzz'/vibration sound at the very first gear change.

It only happens once, and after that everything still works perfectly. No hard gear changes, even at the buzz. Pretty sure it's not the engine.

Done approx 40K kms, so it seems a bit soon for any long term wear issues.  No codes come up on dash.

I wonder if it could simply be a bad connection to the auto control block, or perhaps fluid is a bit old (but only 40K...)

Always garaged, and car does spend more time in the garage than it used to after I retired............

Any ideas or similar noises happen to you ??







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Could be the ABS self check? They all do it, it's even mentioned somewhere in the owner manual.



L.E. Found it, it's on page 136 in the manual, "Sounds and vibrations caused by the ABS, brake assist, VSC and TRC systems"


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Thanks heaps for that.

So it's just a coincidence that it happens right at the first gear change...

but it's strange that I haven't heard it before now (4 years ownership).

hmmm, I'll check brake fluid level and condition.

I'll try to check what road speed it occurs at, and vary throttle for take off, to move tx change point.

I didn't even think of the ABS !!    Road was wet last time, but only rain, not ice or anything.

At least now I can stop worrying about my transmission failing and a huge bill.

For info for anyone else -

It's definitely NOT a single 'clunk' noise, it's more like the 'fart' noise as described in the second link.

It's a buzz / vibration / electric motor type noise, a bit like the old electric car aerials made (for us oldies !!)

I think it sounds just like a solenoid buzzer (again, old doorbells) but I guess that makes sense for ABS too...

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