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2022 RAV4 Hybrid tow bar

Tomakin scottie

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Is it 2WD or 4WD. If it's 2WD I wouldn't bother. 400kg Max towing capacity. That's 40kg tow ball downweight. (Toyotas best kept secret).

Essentially rules out an ebike carrier. Add one ebike eg and you'll be over.

Found out after purchase. So this means if we go on holidays and want to take our bikes: one e; one conventional then we have to take my FG ute. It's more comfortable actually but twice the fuel and the dogs hate it behind the seats:)

If it's 4Wd forget what I just said.

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Currently shopping around for a towbar for a 2023 Hybrid cruiser (as far as I know these are all AWD) .  Information on some other forums ( specifically american) indicates that many of the aftermarket units create much lower rear clearance as they hang under the bumper.  I've noticed the genuine units appear to be hidden behind the bumper and only have the trailer plug and towing receiver? protruding through a cutout in the rear bumper.  This is probably preferable. I also noted that there is a Toyota harness that appears to just use plug in connectors (e.g. 1 plug picks up brake light, reverse light, driving light and indicator, with a harness to the other side to pick up the opposite indicator)  to remove the need to cut and patch wires.  

Looks like i might be checking with my dealer as to cost for supply , I'm happy to do the fitting.  



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