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Help with Estima 2005 headlight fault

Phil O

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I need a bit of help please. We have an Japanese import Toyota Estima 2005. It's been in out family for 10 years and has been a great car. However, I have a headlight related problem and would welcome everyones thoughts. 


Switch on headlights and both globes work perfectly. After a variable amount of time (3 to 30 mins) the left hand side/LHS globe goes off. The RHS globe continues to work fine.

If I switch off the headlights and then switch them back on the LHS light starts working again but after another variable time is goes off.

I have already purchase a new xenon headlight ballast and a new globe (both OEM from ebay) but neither replacement has fixed the problem. I had a look at fuses and relays but surely if there was a problem then both headlight globes would go off together?

Other than finding a complete headlight until including ballast and globe I'm running out of ideas - I have already spent a fair to buy the parts that I thought it must be one or the other. Trying to source a complete unit is not easy either!

I would really be grateful for any suggestions. 






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