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Multiple electrical issues just started 2013 Hilux KUN26R


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Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone could offer some suggestions as to things to check whilst I wait for the second auto electrician appointment next week.

My 2013 Hilux SR5 (KUN26R) a week ago developed the following 3 electrical problems at the same time;

- When driving, the Head unit (radio etc) goes on and off, more so when going over rough road, but does this consistently on any journey

- Will not start on first crank when it's been sitting for some time. Always starts on second crank.

- Sometimes, the engine warning light and traction control light stay on after starting the vehicle. This happens say, 1 in 5 starts.


The battery has just been replaced and the car checked by the local auto electrician. They used their ODB II diagnosis tool and it shows no errors.

Prior to the battery being replaced, the ODBII tool reported a P0560 (low system voltage). This no longer comes up.

No errors come up when the above symptoms occur.


Any ideas of what to look for?


Thanks in advance.


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