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2019 Kluger 2WD Transmission whine


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Over the last 2 weeks we've notice a mechanical whine when accelerating. Pitch of the whine corresponds with the revs. Doing some research I discovered the T-SB-160-18 service bulletin. Went and had a discussion with the local Toyota service manager about if he was aware of this issue. He simply said I would have to book the car in for a 20 minute test drive assessment at a cost of $181.50. If they deem there is indeed an issue they would send the car away to have the trans stripped down at my cost, only for them to then decide if it is a warranty issue. I asked why I had to pay for the transmission tear down and he stated "To make sure you haven't flogged it, done burnouts or driven through water". Seriously, who is doing burnouts in a front wheel drive Kluger?!?!?! He said even if Toyota cover the warranty, I will still incur the upfront cost of the tear down of the transmission. At about $200/hr I could be out of pocket many thousands with no guarantee it will be covered. Should I try my luck with another Toyota dealer? Any advice appreciated.

For the record the delivery date for the car was February 2019. It's a 2019 model but wouldn't it be made with a 2018 transmission? The service bulletin covers 2017-2018 trans.


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