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Brake issues


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Hi everyone, new to this forum - refugee from LCOOL.

Had a minor shudder when applying the brakes. Also was somewhat intermittent. Having over 100k on the

clock a lot which were done towing a big van, I thought I may have warped a disk. Checked them with a

dial gauge but no useful info.

Bit the bullet and replaced all 4 with new slotted rotors and pads from DBA. Huge difference in braking. However the shudder

has return almost with a vengeance. Thought I fixed the problem when I disconnected the ECU for another

unrelated issue. ECU is remapped, car went in limp mode and could not clear it with the scangauge.

Problem not fixed and I am lost as to why this is happening. Plan on visiting Berima Diesel later on this year

to have the injectors checked and I'll get them to look at the brakes if I still haven't figured it out.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Thank you  

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BTW forgot to mention that there is no shake in the steering wheel. The 'shudder',

really hard to describe but almost like brakes on and off. Cannot identify front or rear

or both. Got me totally miffed. 

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