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1989 Hilux Low Voltage

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Hey all, recently got a 1989 Hilux with the petrol 22r engine. I had plugged a voltage meter into the 12v socket because I suspected an electrical problem as the battery light had been on. It had read 11.9 volts initially but the more I drive the more it deteriorates, currently sitting at 10.9 (after several hours of driving) when the engine is running.

This obviously doesn't charge the battery and it can't start by itself. I have since replaced the battery and yesterday I did the alternator with a brand new one. I've checked all the grounds that I can see but it's still sitting at 10.9 volts and deteriorates over time.

I was thinking the voltage regulator is the next best bet? I looked at it visually and it seems fine. Anyone got any other ideas?

Note: I had a very long drive the other week and on one occasion the voltage spiked back up to 15+ volts for a short while before going back down to about 11.4

And yeah I'm trying not to drive it too much because I know it's probably damaging the battery being on such low voltage.

Any help would be awesome thanks!


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I,m pretty sure they run an external voltage regulator, mounted on the side in the engine bay, its been a while now so I'm not sure if the original had points inside which pit, stick and so on. Get yourself a fully sealed electronic one from the wreckers, as chances are someone has updated to cure symptoms like you are having, even one from another Toyota model eg Corona, will do, If yours is the original it will have a big black top on it,  No more problems This is what you need;

Buy Jaylec Voltage Reg 12V Denso Ext 026000-4050/4051/4070 For Toyota In589 15-867 Online | Rolan Australia

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