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wide vs narrow

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whats the difference?

if i go to a tuning shop and get my rolla tricked out with some ecu's. is my narrow band o2 sensor sufficent enough for tuning?

if not..

do u think its possible for them to tune it with their wide band o2 sensor and remove it when its finishd?

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narrowband sensors are NOT for tuning ECU's. The best you can hope for is either Rich or Lean with a narrowband. Narrowband are for providing the ECU feedback when they are in closed loop mode.

You need a wideband if you want to do a half reasonable job of getting the AFR's in the correct range. They're expensive, and I dont know of any Dyno's that dont have one.

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it's nice to have your own wideband for fine tuning purposes if you know what you're doing, but it's not essential. With most full aftermarket ECU's the AFR maps are locked anyway, so once it's tuned you forget about it.

With some of the better aftermarket ECU's you can input a signal from the wideband controller and enter a target AFR which the ECU will constantly adjust itself to try and achieve the AFR you specify.

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you dont need a fulltime wideband with a piggyback ECU.

If you go with a full aftermarket ECU, you can replace the stock narrowband sensor with the wideband sensor, the decent wideband controllers have a narrowband output aswell...

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