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  1. I believe that I've still got a spare one lying around. I'll check.
  2. Please drive safely guys. The black spur is a really nice drive but in winter the roads get really slippery because of the heavy tree cover and the roads get very damp. Some of you here may also know the guy that crashed in his S15 some years back there as well. So take caution and have a great time!
  3. Haha, it's amazing how many kws a few EuroR badges can do. Unfortunately I'm still running the K24 not K20 though they are pretty similar.
  4. Brian, you got the results for today? Will post up some photos maybe later.
  5. Well, I won't be looking to "beat" anyone in terms of numbers, esp not the Stivos cos I use to have one and I still think that they are great cars. Just wanting to see what numbers I pull on the dyno. See you guys there, will be good to catch up with some old friends as well.
  6. Just come along and if anyone doesn't rock up, you'll have your chance.
  7. Chek your first post, it says 2nd of May. I think that you meant 26th of May?
  8. I've had my short antenna stolen off my rolla before. Yes it's a screw on.
  9. Thanks Danz, I haven't got an intake yet. But I love my Fujitsubo. MELB OI 2007 DYNO DAY 1. Brian - DC2R - bbg 2. Binh - DC5R - bbg 3. Giang - DC5S - bbg 4. Matty - Sportivo - bbg 5. Jimmy - DC5R - bbg 6. Carlo - Corolla - TOCAU 7. John - Corolla Sportivo - TOCAU 8. Andy - SPTIVO - NA 9. boggles - Corolla Sportivo - TOCAU 10. Omn1potent - Corolla Sportivo - NA 11.Mike - Sportivo - bbg 12. eddytorrezz-sportivo-TOCAU (lets see if i dyno better than the first time at NT performance) 13. RME1 - ? WRX? 14. MarioX - Corolla Sportivo - NA 15. Danz - Corolla Levin - TOCAU 16. E-Gene - Accord Euro - TOCAU/OzHonda
  10. I actually saw this on the Ozhonda forum as well. I'm in!
  11. 12 x 1.5 Are you shopping for your old car or the new cl7? For my new CL9.
  12. Thanks dude. Hehehe, I actually already have a Fujitsubo exhaust on its way. :P Once a modder always a modders. Say "NO" to stock cars! I just realised that the blue Euro in the SuperGT website looks exactly like mine.
  13. Hahaha, being the riceboy that I am (and always will be), I've already put on the R badgings, front and rear.
  14. Mine already has the Euro R bodykit. And yes Peekay knows. :P