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  1. I just completed a 2000klm trip & average consumption was 10.8, I usually sit around 5 to 10 kph over the limit. Mine is an awd so a rwd would show better figures. The Klugger is pretty fuel efficent as I did the same trip in a awd territory a year or so ago & averaged 12.2l..
  2. ss--ss

    TowBar Hitch

    I bought one of those hitch locks from ebay for around $20.. however after I put it on it's a bit loose & rattles when driven, so now just leave it in the garage & bring it out when needed
  3. I finally got the Tekonsha P3 & it's recommended to install a extra 20amp breaker which I also have.. I've called a auto electrician who will come out & install for $150 so I'll get it done by a pro.. Will post pictures when done if anyone's interested
  4. Hi I will be towing a caravan which has electric brakes. I was going to get a prodigy electric brake controller to install in the Kluger. I've been told some vehicles already have the wiring harness to plug into , Does anyone know if the Kluger has a connector under the dash or somewhere. Or will it have to be wired in to the fusebox etc ?
  5. ss--ss

    Ford forum

    Well I've had a Territory TS AWD & now Kluger Alt AWD .. No fancy tests but here's my 2bobs From my perspective as a driver on weekends & holidays (Mrs's is main driver) - Kluger interior layout is much better & feels roomier , especially if u use the 3rd row. But specs show kluger is smaller? - the territory is a hassle pulling out 3rd row whereas Kluger is dead easy. - Kluger is quicker on take off & better on fuel.. - I used to tow a 18' boat which the terrirtory did nice & easy, I havn't yet tried with kluger but I have a feeling won't be as good at terrirtoy.. - Have had no mechanical issues at all with Kluger.. Terrirtoy at 60000klm transmission hose in radiator ruptured cause $4000 damage, other than that no real issues. - Overall finish on Kluger is nicer, even closing door sounds more solid .. although things on Kluger like the the cigarette lighter socket next to the gear selector is flimsy, when I unplug tomtom feels like the whole centre console is going to come with it .. Oh & Kluger has a clock that can actually be seen (Terrirtoy owners will know what I'm talking about..) That's all I can think of right now
  6. ss--ss

    Kluger moutian bike

    Actually I found that if you take the front wheel off you can put a bike in backwards standing upwards with the rear wheel sitting between the two rear seats. This way you still have 4 seats & the bike but you need to use second row devider that comes on all Klugers.. Was never able to do this with the ford territory we owned previously..
  7. Normal city driving in our Kluger AWD with my missus droping of kids etc ... we seem to average around 13.5L.. Will be going from Syd to gold coast near the end of year so interested what results we achieve ..I' m thinking around 11L ?
  8. Hi, wondering if anyone who has a Later model kluger has a mountain bike which the ship around ? I have a bike rack which I can fit but would be convenient if I could just throw in a mountain bike into the back.. Havn't got the mountain bike as yet so hoping for a bit of feedback ..
  9. The best way to save fuel especially on a freeway is drive right up as close to the car in front.. you get their drag. But obviously dangerous Even better if it's something like a land cruiser or truck .
  10. ss--ss

    Fuel injection clean

    This is an easy way for the dealers to make a few extra bucks , just like the 'your throttle body needs a clean' extra $100 or so ... If an injector is blocked the motor will be running pretty lean & rough
  11. ss--ss

    Kluger tips

    Couple of things I noticed with the Kluger that I couldn't find in the logbooks. - When you remove the key the power windows no longer work, Most other cars I've had give you something like 30 seconds once key is removed & you open the door to close windows.. - Also if you're listening to the stereo & a door is opened there is a continous bing.. Sometimes I like to sit in the car with the door open listening to the footy or music.. Are there any trick to doing any of these ?
  12. Yes I agree .. The Camera is good to look at to see if there's an unexpected obstacle or if you want to hitch something up to the towbar.. But for parking the sensors are much better.. ..
  13. Mate you been watching too many comercials you really think a DS is much better than tv or dvd ...
  14. We liked everything with the grande but were put off also with the wood grain, which they said had to come like that. Main reason wanted the grande was for the sunroof & rear dvd.. but then got the altitude which came with both of these .. Satnav would be nice but I just use my tomtom
  15. ss--ss

    Polishing new car

    Got the new car last week & 1st thing was to use the quick Clay & tech 2.0 .. Now the paint is like glass. I was supprised how much contaminents where on a brand new car. What do you guys use for the Dash & interior...