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  1. RK Lip kit from Carsons Toyota. Shipping will cost you an arm and a leg though just warning you. Go 19s :)
  2. Hey man, yeah it's been a good run! I can vouch for the reliablity and build of Toyotas. Absolutely amazing. Perfect P plate car, low maintainence etc etc! It's official though, this car is FOR SALE. 2007 White Camry! 160,xxxkms on the clock. MAJOR service just\complete. Tinted windows, alloy wheels, RK sports lip kit, 2k worth of German Maestro entry level competition speaker + amp to power it, FULL RESPRAY completed 6 months ago, LEATHER seats, twin exhaust upgrade, VIP as **** black roof. Can throw in coilovers for FREE. $12,000 include RWC and rego until September. Let me know! Price NEGOTIABLE - For URGENT sale. Essentially, car will look EXACTLY like the above picture minus wheels and suspension. Currently it has stock suspension with stock springs and AURION alloy wheels!
  3. Last ever shoot for a website. Shall have a final run at the couple big events in the East Coast of Australia and it'll be back to stock once I get defected again for the 10th time after that. Some of you may know, I'll be upgrading to a BMW E92 335i. Currently also on the hunt for the perfect one. As stated above, I will be parting out. Most items have been sold except for the wheels.
  4. Winning. Very tempted to drive up to Sydney instead of flying up next weekend.
  5. haha thanks guys. Yep my rego been blacklistedddddddddddd gg Coils already sold if I do head down this path Wheels are for sale too. Specs arent for the faint hearted. ;)
  6. Hey Chris! Thank you for coming. Glad you boys had a good time! ANd Johnsonnnnnnnnnnnn LOL jesus man. He better have gone to the lotto after it. Andy, pics of the event can be found on ;)
  7. Got defected 3 times in the last 4-5 weeks. Been blacklisted Time for a new car I will be selling my Camry slowly. Open to offers. Shall make it street legal to clear RWC if needed. new paint job with the guards too. Perfect P plate car. Might even part out too. See how we go. let me know.
  8. Would be good to see some toyota heads that weekend!!
  9. Price for engine plus super charger, Ecu and all necessary wiring please.
  10. Obstructing the light thus reducing drivers viewing range. And yes, soft. As long as Its colour coded most don't notice
  11. This time the cop was a ***** Told me I was driving a high performance car as I modified the engine...with a cold air intake and I knew it would gain a lot of power so I upgraded to slotted rotors. But got done for height wheels tires eye lids and junction produce fusa hanging from windscreen. Nekminute stuck the yellow sticker in front of passenger side..obstructing vission. I'll post up later
  12. Haven't been here in awhile so updates? Got defected. On the hunt for a new car. Bmw e92 335l however won't buy for awhile unless one of them international students sell one at a very good price. I was at a work shop today, not one that operates through retailing but rather word of mouth. Doesn't even have a sign at the front type of store and I ran the idea of dropping 2gr in it plus supercharger. It can be done and at a really good price. It's just a matter of finding a trd wreck. Fyi this work shop was responsible for dropping a 2jz in an is250 a couple years back...with all things running like stock. The other option is acquiring e92, and upgrade plus ecu flush. First world problems.
  13. Are camrys boring? Id say yes. Do they have potential? Id also say yes. Now that ive done the above and a list of mods, its more fun to drive. However by "fun" i mean corners better, sticks to the ground better, braking is way better, interior i find better now that i mixed and matched, and its fun seeing peoples reactions. Thinking with the same state of mind, do i find the accord euro boring? Yes. Does it have potential? Yes In my eyes, this si the perfect P plater car. Why? 1) Has potential if you keep an open mind 2) Cheap to run 3) Good on petrol 4) Big car to drive your mates around 5) Not powerful enough to kill yourself doing stupid **** with little experience with the above being said, im going full license soon. mwahaha...........
  14. Ill answer my PMs here since ceebs replying back to everyone 1) This is not a sportivo body kit. However i can tell you that if youre go from altise to sportivo it is possible. Might need to drill into the bumpers as the sportivo kit has slits that slide into the bumper to hold it in place. Obviously there is a way around it. Can grind the slits off and stick it on with double sides sticky tape and screws. Can get the sportivo kit from any wreckers. Again, the kit i have on is NOT A SPORTIVO kit despite the rear looking like it does. 2) Wheel and tyre specs i will keep to myself sorry. However, these guards are not stock 3) The Parker lights are white t10 LED. Can get them easily on ebay. To install, go through your fender wells. Other option is to take the bumper off if youre really keen 4) footwell neons are tapped into the dome light wiring. However i cant really remember where exactly it is tapped into (Like which point, as i wasnt present most of the time this was being done) 5) Dual exhausts can easily be done. However yes you do need to cut the bumper. No there isnt any noticable loss in power
  15. I have both. My footwell lighting works exactly like the dome light because I tapped into the dome light power source. Easy to do and costs about 50 bucks
  16. Yep thats toytrd. He was around before all you guys came. Looks like he kept the rolla. Must touch base with him soon
  17. private number


    I dig it. Go maybe 185 so you got more stretch and slam it so it tucks. Would be sickkk
  18. Noice ! Keep your eye out for more ;)