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  1. Hi all, I am selling my turbo kit to suit a ZRE Corolla. I have opted to keep the Corolla stock as my daily driver and focus my cash and engine mods on my Supercharged Commodore ute. It was removed from a sedan but im sure the exhaust can be shortned to suit the hatch. See ebay item number 170887781407 . I can email other pics of it in the car if required. Just PM me your email and ill shoot it over. Pick up from Canberra.
  2. Hi i got mine from Hurricane headers in Sydney. They dont have them on the shelf but they have the print for it and will custm make on request
  3. Hi members, The time has come to replace the Corolla, as such ill be seeling my turbo setup to suit the ZRE corolla. The kit has travelled approx 8,000 kms What is included? t25/8 Garrett turbo, oil and water cooled - in excellent order intercooler pipes, ceramic coated intake manifold with nipple for reading temp exhaust manifold, ceramic coated 3" dump pipe, ceramic coated Oil feed/dump lines Turbosmart BOV Silicone hose's to join piping together and clamps All piping/exhaust manifold was custom made and turbo bov etc all purchased brand new. Thousands spent. Whats missing/ do i need to turbo my Corolla? FMIC water lines to turbo and return ECU upgrade/piggy back exhaust system from dump pipe tap a hole in your sump for oil to return dyno tune Im asking $1,000 for the lot. my loss is your gain. Anyone who has looked into the cost of this setup knows your getting a bargin. I will post depending on location and due to weight/sizes im guessing postage will be approx $150. Pick up from Canberra. PM if you're interested. I will be listing on ebay in the next week or so with pics.
  4. Mine are my number plates. As it is NSW registered i was only able to have 6 characters. It is supposed to represent play time. Car gets transferred to the ACT in Feb 2012 so i will be changing them at that time. ACT can have 7 characters in our plates.
  5. Hi guys, I deliberately didn’t state what engine type it was for a few reasons, 1. I am keeping an element of surprise and was opening the gates for discussions & speculations 2. This is the internet and I’d hate for someone else to jump in and do the same conversion before I have completed my works 3. I was hoping someone that had done a similar conversion out on the WWW and would come out of the wood works and share there build with all of us Lastly as DJKOR stated, I am enjoying the speculation. I find it’s a great way to get unbiased comments on a build and a great way to get others thoughts on what engine would be a good fit for the ZRE. There are so many discussion points that I come across on this forum that just repeats the same information. I understand everyone’s knowledge/skill levels of car building or modding is different so I saw a great opportunity for a discussion to be had that was out side of what size rims can you fit on a ZRE or how do you install HID’s etc. No offence intended to anyone. Keep the discussions coming and the personal insults on PM’s :-)
  6. Hey all, Just wondering if any of you guys would be venturing to Canberra for the nats in Jan? Could make it your unofficial Jan cruise?
  7. Hey all, Just an update on the turbo ZRE, i have opted to gain more power, am a bit gready! I am now fitting a 2.2ltr engine to the ZRE sedan. I have found a block that mates to the 6 speed box with minor mods. Engine is currently stripped for some works, hopfully in about a week or 2 ill be finished with dyno results. As such i need a new turbo exhaust manifold will be selling my turbo manifold that i had made up to suit the 1.8 2zr block. I will post details over the next week in the for sales and may be listing it on ebay. I have not yet deceided if im selling the worked 2zr head etc as of yet. PM if your interested before i get to post on official areas.
  8. Yeah, the concept looks good. Most concept do. But look at the spy shots. Looks a bit bland to be honest. A bit better with the lip, skirts and rear spoiler but still nowhere near as exciting as the concept. Don't like the angle of the windscreen, doesn't look sleek. Its the engine specs that im waiting for
  9. Hey i think you all need to check out this link on the website. Its coming
  10. Not exactly food but ive gotta say it when i copped a mouth full (didnt swallow) of radiator coolant as i was under the rolla doing the engine change. That stuff is ferral! Beer chaser fixed up the bad taste.
  11. thanks i now know where im going. Im in canberra so i doubt there will be many going to the Syd cruise. This will be my first showing so im looking forward to meeting you all. holy **** you have a turbo zre? shotgun! Sure do :-) its a beauty!! Shot gun is taken but happy to take you for a run
  12. thanks i now know where im going. Im in canberra so i doubt there will be many going to the Syd cruise. This will be my first showing so im looking forward to meeting you all.
  13. Sorry to seem a bit stupid but what is the actual meet place? Im not a SYD local. Thanks
  14. Ill be there but i cant promise that ill have PLYTME's new engine (ZRE Turbo)fitted and Dyno'd by the weekend. Please cross your fingers so i could bring it as the original engine has a hole in it. If it was one week later id enter the car. I missed last year so i have cleared the diary to check out the fest. I hope to meet a few of you to put faces to profiles.