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  1. Hello everyone I have a couple of items for sale and for pick up in Victoria. (1) 2.5 inch custom axle back oval mufflers in stainless steel ready for bolt on onto an 07-11 Aurion $300. (2) 2 inch custom axle back oval mufflers in stainless steel ready for bolt on onto an 07-11 Aurion $300. Pm me if your interested
  2. This is what ****s me with car companies.....people fork out good earned dollars for cars in particularly like this one. Then when it doesnt sell well or problems start to occur...they completely abandon the model. This is the same issue I occured when I bought my mazda 6 mps many years ago. I was forced to sell as there was lack of local support and parts can only be sourced through dealerships and we all know what they are like with pricing. Ive learnt the hard lesson that if you are going to get a fancy car, ensure that there are heaps of local support and parts are easy to come by. Its not best to have the unique one off car these days as you might be left stranded, unless your willing to fork out big bucks for parts where you can easily use that for something worthwhile like a house. And dont believe stealerships saying that there most expensive x car is bulletproof. On average cars are made to last x amount of ks these days I feel your pain TRD
  3. Gday fellas look what I have found for our aurions. As the title suggests its for the current shape v6 but was wondering if this would mate up to the previous xv40. From what I can see in the pics it COULD be a possibility Any input would be appreciated
  4. I got this product so I can stand by it....
  5. Don't mind the 998 buck's an error
  6. Don't waste your money on the k&n...just get the copied version of it on eBay. ..fully shipped for 188 only bucks
  7. I had the first version which required me to get some extras such as X3 vacuum caps and X1 cable tie
  8. Good evening everyone Next week, I have made an appointment to my exhaust shop and been contemplating on what muffler I should use. My plans are to just have an axle back setup for sound and keep the pipe diameter at 2.25. Should I go straight thru, or triflow on an Aurion ? I browsed thru the faq but it doesnt answer my question. Thanks guys
  9. Hello everyone, I'm putting up my borla exhaust kit to suit a Toyota Aurion for sale. To get the exhaust kit provided and shipped to Victoria cost me 900AUD and I was hoping to get 600AUD for it (or make me a reasonable offer). It has been on the car for two months. PM me if your interested or call 0404 018 870. I prefer local pick up if possible. The following link will show what the kit looks like. Don't be alarmed that it states exhaust kit for toyota camry (they are pretty much the same cars mechanically but we got better front and rear end treatments :)
  10. Yo kenpo, I'm in Craigeburn area with a Toyota aurion as well...we prolly bumped into each other not realising.....we should meet me :)
  11. How much did you have to budget for the trd setup?
  12. Gday... I arrived at was an interesting meet as Im from the vic club...some of the guys with the old school rollas, camry and vfx aurion were the guys left and we all went up to maccas a few km from bunnings...there we were surrounded by an interesting bunch of show offs and trouble makers ..but irregardless I would l like to thank the guys who stayed bak and showed me what sydney has to offer especially vfx who made the effort even tho he had to do double shifts and stuff...
  13. That turn out looked awesome...pity I couldnt make it as I was in nsw....with good weather coming there will be a next time...good effort and well the guys witg the aurions....ive got my borla exhaust up for grabs