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  1. Hi, I'm hoping someone out there could do me a favor and take a couple of photos of their air intake housing and/or answer questions.. I've just replaced my air filter and stupidly I didn't take any pictures first so I'm not sure if I've not closed the top properly. Basically, the air filter is visible in one of the corners and along the side closest to the engine. I've attached photos illustrating what I'm referring to. Can anyone confirm if this is correct/expected, or whether I've screwed up and not done it up properly ? The clamps all appear tight. Regards, Michael EDIT: Just to confirm, this is for an 07 Aurion SX6 (although I believe any of the 06-11 Aurions would be the same).
  2. Out of curiosity, roughly how much does this cost ?
  3. Would you by any chance be the Jamole I used to play CSS with ? :P
  4. AUX audio cables only carry sound from your mp3/phone/whatever to your head unit. They don't actually carry power either way. USB sends data and power both ways which is why your iPod charges when plugged into USB. You can buy USB chargers that plug into your cig lighter socket and have a USB port on them from ***** Smith or Strathfield and similar places or probably even Supercheap/Autobarn/etc for relatively cheap, but they are purely a charger, and you'll still need the AUX audio cable to get the sound from the device to the head unit. I picked up a usb charger from Jaycar (plugs into cig lighter and has a USB socket on it), and got this: Newer Technology 3 in 1 Audio/Synch/Charging cable However, whenever I have the usb connected, there is an audible buzz through the stereo. If I connect a standard iphone USB charger and a standard audio cable in, I don't get the buzz, so I'm guessing the 3 in 1 cable isn't shielded properly...
  5. I'm so far under qualified to make a recommendation it's not funny, but thus far I haven't noticed any problems with my servicing (Brisbane) at Southside Toyota - Mount Gravatt. Take that with a grain of salt though since unless the engine falls out of the car or something similar, I probably wouldn't notice :P
  6. On a semi-related note... I'm in QLD, with a Sportivo SX6, and my actual bulbs have been removed (they weren't on the car when I bought it, but I didn't notice, my first car so was all a bit overwhelmed at the time :P). Does anyone know if the lack of bulbs is considered a defect by the police ?
  7. Nope. What's DALnet? IRC is online chat, back from near the dawn of the Internet. DALnet is a particular network for it.
  8. Off topic, but you aren't the same boxerboy that used to be on IRC in #Brisbane or #Australia on DALnet, I assume ?
  9. You hit a roo at 80 k's and it only did that ? I'm continually impressed by the Aurion. I've seen roo's kill trucks...
  10. Great shots. That is a beautiful car.
  11. For the record, this turned out to be a loose "left front strut top bolt". Once it was tightened, the car was back to it's normal perfection. Thank you both for your assistance, DJKOR and GSV40R.
  12. i have experienced a clunk in a few aurion sportivo 's at my work. We have changed a couple of l/h/f struts and some have been fixed and some havent (maybe just not heard as loud once replaced). All of the front ends check out all ok and in some cases the noise is heard when the suspension movement is harsh and quick. A lot of people seem to think its the valving of the strut. The intermediate shaft issues as DJKOR points to is more at a slow speed either braking or accelerating and felt in the steering or brake pedal. i will admit that i can hear a slight knock on occasions from the l/h/f of my zr6 but haven't really worried about it.(maybe its time for some suspension mods now ????) Oh wow, I wasn't really expecting such a fast response. Excellent service :D Just under 43k on the odo. I had a read of the 'intermediate shaft issues' thread, but it didn't sound quite like what I get. Based on my interpretation of the posts, that issue seemed to be more of a feel then a sound, whilst mine doesn't have any feel associated with it, and seems to be entirely sound related (i.e. car doesn't pull to one side when it happens, no jerks on the steering wheel (well, excluding the obvious one :D), etc.) Any guess how much Fulcrum would charge to look at it, DJKOR ? At this point, I'll probably take it back where I bought it since I have a "mechanical protection plan" with them, but if Fulcrum are likely to be significantly better, I'd obviously consider taking it there instead.
  13. Hey, I'm essentially the opposite of a petrol head. I know which bit of the car I sit in, and that's about it. My '07 Aurion Sportivo SX6 has developed a clunking noise around the front left wheel. I assume it is something suspension related since it happens when the car goes over bumps, etc. I bought the car second hand exactly 3 and a half months ago from Southside Toyota, so of course it is just out of the 3 month warranty period. I'll be booking it in for them to have a look at ASAP, but just wondering if any other aurion owners have had something similar, and might have an idea of what the probable cause is (and probable cost to repair :/) ? Thanks for any assistance..