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  1. Can anyone vouch for the quality of these e.bay grills please? Someone has backed into my sons car and the grill has a few slight cracks in it now. It was knocked off the lugs on one side but the lugs weren't broken. There are some cracks in the grill however and I'd like to replace it. Ebay has them for $200 (in Oz|parentrq%3A6e8b819516b0a9e42e43d513ffde35a1|iid%3A1) to ~$400 (from Taiwan). The bodywork around the front end all looks ok, seemingly sprung back into its original position? Cheers
  2. I got these...
  3. Looking at replacing front discs and pads. Anyone have some up to date suggestions re good prices, including parts to avoid? Family car, doesn't need performance gear. Cheers
  4. I'll be putting an Exide Extreme X55D23CMF Battery with 650cca and a 42 month warranty into my daughters 08 Prodigy. $155 from Croydon Auto Electrics in Croydon, Vic. Good price.👍 Her battery showed a State of Health reading of's still working ok but it's been in the car a looong time so getting in before I get a roadside call.
  5. Too late. I bought some! I'll give 'em a try. My son also has an Aurion so maybe I'll swap a cheap one over with an older oem one and split 'em between the two cars.
  6. Thanks @campbeam. All as you describe though adjustment was very close first up. The drivers side at the bracket is ever so slightly lower than the adjacent panel. The latch was a bit bent so opening and closing requires a little brutane. I'll need to see how I can improve that. I might try and source another latch. The struts are also sagging, though they weren't last I'll need a new pair.
  7. Easy enough. Two bolts either side separate the bonnet from the bracket, L&R. The C shaped clip holding the struts in place were fiddly, but once I worked out to use a flat screwdriver to loosen them enough it was done. 10 minute job really
  8. Yep, I'm after one. I'm in Croydon, Vic. Cheers.
  9. Howdy. I need to remove the bonnet of a 2008 Prodigy. Are there any tricks to know? Support bonnet, struts off, windscreen hose disconnect, undo bolts at the hinge. Anything unusual in the technique? Then, the front bumper too. Any "gotcha's" there? Thanks.
  10. Just drove Melbourne Adelaide return. Wet weather and a slight headwind to Adelaide. On leaving Melbourne, I filled with 98RON until it spluttered a little out the hole. Pretty full. We added 95RON 59.95 litres at 755kms. The warning light had been on for a while but it hadn't quite got to 0. To return, I filled with 95RON 'til it spluttered full. After 745 kms and with the 0 showing for 15 kms I added 58 litres. Seems I might've gone another 75kms! tO aDELAIDE, IT GOT DOWN TO 7.6L/100KM..oops..return to Melbourne it was down to 7.3l/100kms.
  12. Thanks cranky. Denso better than Champion Denso d'ya think? They're around the same price.
  13. Anyone have a lead on cheap iridium plugs that work well for the Aurion? Cheapest I can find is $16 for Champion 9006 iridiums on Ebay.