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  1. Hi SuperDAve!! its a 1zzfe engine and yes you are right, its just the standard lights check the car does each time you move the key to IGN2 however it remember the last DIY i made Oil or Coolant.... must be only the dealers can clear them somehow..
  2. Hi just wondering if anyone knows how to reset the light on the panel . Everytime I change oil or draining the radiator coolant ,the light comes on before you start the car. i.e if you change the oil the lights comes on the panel before you start. then if you change the coolant the coolant lights comes on before you start the car. nothing major just want to know the reset.
  3. hehehe i miss my starlet after seeing yours bro :(
  4. well...there few wagon on the board now ... just to bump this one after few years
  5. thats a lot of shavin!!! how do you open the back?
  6. bought it from a member here for 80bucks
  7. congrat on the new ride Jules!!! I want one of those too!!! <_<
  8. Welcome to TOCA !!! here's another australian sample
  9. Congrats E!! best feeling in the world having a baby!!! ooops + the new ride
  10. yes it is Silva!!! beautiful backyard you got there in Brisbane!!! ;)
  11. Hired a Yaris....but they gave me a rolla
  12. you guys should visit this place oneday..only 450kms from Melbourne
  13. HEY you lucky b*st___....altis car leather seat cover ....weather shields..strut bar would fit ;) and all those audio stuff you can find...hehehe enjoy yourself and forget the cars dude have a cold red horse for me dude!!! at any local KTV VIP rooms
  14. List update 1. Negatron 2. IZZ-FE 3. Specialized32 4. GOODbOYz 5. Danz 6. Unfamilia 7. VVTLiR 8. Omn1potent 9. BanGn 10. Zoran 11. Ovo 12. RME1 13. SPTIVO 14. boggles 15 1zzfeWagon(Lowest KW)hehehe
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