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  1. I won't be able to make it tonight sadly. I have an early start tomorrow morning.
  2. I might come along on the night to flaunt my new underwear then...
  3. Any plans for a meet on Saturday 30th August at our regular location?
  4. I was hoping you'd come along today Juvie. T'was a great drive. I'm sure there will be another cruise this year.
  5. 1 Crypt 2 Rob 3 Yuri I just did annual leave for the date, so count me in... 4 Windsor
  6. Aside from the immature behaviour displayed last night from some people/cars, it was a nice meet. I think we might need to remind some people about expectations and rules at meets next time.
  7. Also it's now quite cold compared to our last meet so long sleeved clothing & pants might be a good idea. Nobody likes cold meats. Hahahaha - I'm hilarious.
  8. Completely blonde moment. Thanks for the correction Hiro. Saturday 26 April @ Greenacre? 1. Windsor
  9. Last Saturday of this month falls on 26 (Anzac Day). So yay or nay to the meet? I'm interested for one so I can start the roll call if we want to have a meet?
  10. Sigh - back to the drawing board. I've decided that after careful consideration, the offset is not aggressive enough for the goal that I'm trying to achieve. It's a shame there isn't a more aggressive offset version... Guess I won't be going for the 57Xtreme after all.
  11. Fantastic - another place where I can get a quote from. I've send them a facebook message and hopefully they will reply. I think I've come across Auto Technik before but their website took forever to load and I gave up and closed the window a while ago. Their website is still being developed from what I can tell since visiting it today.
  12. Oh definitely - I'm keen to get rid of my current wheels as they are now on quite a few cars that I see from day to day. It used to be a nice rim, but I'm no longer a fan of it since everyone else has jumped on the bandwagon. So I'm looking at something a little more unique. I'll need to start saving up as the wheels and tyres will be done in one hit (rather than get the wheels and have the sitting around collecting dust). Plus I'm not really in a rush to get them done ASAP. The goal is to have the new wheels on by the end of 2013 though.