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  1. i am with NRMA what are they like? i am bout to get mine lowered and i didnt even think of the insurance side of things.
  2. "Front fog lights" - toyota.com.au
  3. yeh its going for its 1000km service, from what i have been told/read is it not illegal to have your fog's on all the time? AFAIK you are only meant to have them on when its bad weather?
  4. i have not had a chance to ring these guys, im going to see my toyota guy on saturday to see whats involved in making the looms active (this will determine weather its going to be a viable option).
  5. i just rang www.gsad.com.au they quoted me $540 so im guessing they are not the right place to go :( went to another place and they were asking $60 corner
  6. how much should I be paying to have my car lowered?
  7. Anyone here going to see the V8's this weekend?
  8. 04 Accent Sports Black, Sunnybank during the week NNSW on the coast @ the weekends.
  9. anyone know of a good place to do some shopping for some new springs in the Brisbane/gold coast area?
  10. they painted the entire disc? i was talking about the bit in the middle where the bolts are attached
  11. i want to paint the calipers and possible the hubs (if thats what they are called) what i want to know it how much paint am i going to need? its just that i live kinda in rural NSW so the nearest auto shop is bout 40mins drive so i dont want to have to go back to get more.
  12. well guys i just picked up my 04 Accent Sports, and the lack of fog lights dont do it justice so i rang toyota and the bloody things were $305 EACH, I almost fell right off my chair. Is there any after market ones that i can get or any other suggestions/ideas thanks Northy

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