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  1. Hi Guys, I'm chasing the centre console panel for a 2003 Sportivo corolla. As I've seen is quite common now, I managed to snap the door off above the ashtray! If anyone knows where I can find one that would be awesome. Cheers
  2. I'm putting my car up for sale within the next month, I have a TRD rear sway on it. Not 100% sure if I'll sell it with the car or not. Asking $200 if I take it off though. Also has been offered to someone else so they're first in line lol. I will let you know within the next few weeks!
  3. EDIT - 2ZZGE Short Motor with whatever you see on it in the pics(Flywheel, crankshaft inside)! I was going to pull this apart to get the crankshaft out and sell it separately, but i figured I'd just put it up here and see if someone wants it as is. Motor suffered from a bent valve :( - Make an offer! Also have a million and one bolts and all the timing stuff as well, they threw everything in a crate, so if you buy it you can just take all the little bits and peices i have as well! If someone wants the sump, and someone else wants the crankshaft etc then i will pull it apart :) Assorted crate of parts Head - Make an offer! Will include cams etc. Fuel rail and Injectors - Make an offer! Appear fine to me, although i think one of them has a seal missing, not sure, I'm no mechanic. Pics of Exhaust Manifold and heatshields etc will hopefully be up tonight or tomorrow afternoon. Thanks!
  4. Hi Guys, I have a few bits and pieces up for sale off a 2ZZGE out of an '03 Sportivo. Some of these parts i have given a bit of a clean up, and then blown them out with compressed air. Most parts in Good condition, although you can judge yourself in the pics! I also will be putting up an Exhaust Manifold with heat shield covers, it's currently in an ultrasonic cleaning bath we had lying around, figure we would see how it comes out, should come out looking brand new. As well as the standard cams. Location - Catherine Field NSW 2557. Not far from Camden, Campbelltown, Liverpool etc. Intake Manifold - $250 Engine Cover, grab this one so you can polish it or paint it!! - $200 Thanks! :)
  5. I have a sump, make an offer. Terryo, i have a motor, although the head is a bit stuffed and one of the bores has a gouge in it!
  6. What are you doing to it now bill? chasing even more power?
  7. Too bad you're not here in sydney, i have one floating around somewhere!
  8. i don't think so cause of the shape of the headlights.. You can actually convert your pre-face to a facelift, just need headlights, guards, front bar, grill etc
  9. I installed my bar yesterday, and the difference is crazy! The car just feels flat throughout the corner.. I think i need a bucket seat now cause im falling out of my seat haha Thanks Nick!
  10. Cause some people like to watch the road/track :D
  11. Edit - didnt read other post
  12. Dibs on one if that's not rude to do. Cheers
  13. I have to agree with the above post as well. I understand it's not your fault Nick, but it would be nice to have some sort of idea when the bars will be in? Thanks for your time and effort towards this buy. Cheers, Chris