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  1. No problem, that looks good mate. Thanks for the reply.
  2. So my car is on 240,000 k's with the original radiator in place. I'm guessing at some point the rad will have to be replaced and rather than find out there's normally a 6 weeks wait for a new one I said I would ask if it's pretty easy to buy a new one here in Australia. Is it the same one as the 1zz? Have any of you bought a new one before? Not interested in 2nd hand ones, just new. Cheers.
  3. Is there much too look out for when changing all the parts I mentioned? I have a good mechanic but he's mainly Bmw. Just wondering if there anything on the Sportivos that he may run into trouble if changing?
  4. Yea, the whiteline come with new balljoints and new urpated bushes. Do the top mounts normally need replacing?
  5. Hey guys, So I have a set of KYB shocks, king springs, rear sway bar, whiteline control arms and whiteline drop links gathered to go on my Corolla sportivo. What else would be good to change at the same time? I know alot of cars have top mounts to replace - do the sportivos need these replaced? I'm also guessing that I would need new bump stops and cut them down to suit the new lowering? Any advice appreciated. Cheers.
  6. Yea, man, I took a chance, but it didn't pay off unfortunately.
  7. Well I spoke a bit too soon. There's now a high pitched whirring from 3rd gear upwards from around 2200rpm to 3200rpm roughly. I took the chance in not replacing all the bearings as the specialist said they would cost an extra $700 to replace when I was doing the main bearings. At around 100kph on a quiet road I can hear some bearing chatter when I power on / back off, so it looks like there's definitely some other bearings now gone. Does anyone have a breakdown of all the bearings in the Sportivo box and costs of them? Thanks
  8. Cheers for the replies guys. I ended up getting the bearings done by a guy who came highly recommended here in Brisbane - Diff and Gearbox Industries. The guy who did it said it was just the main bearings that were worn - he got a set of aftermarket bearings for the main bearings but some smaller bearings are only Toyota only he said and would have cost around an extra $700 or so? They were in pretty good condition he said so I didn't do them. So I just got the main ones done, he pulled the box, did the main bearings, toyota seals, new oil and put it back in for $1400. I was pretty happy with the price considering most unknown condition gearboxes were going to cost me from $1000 - $1400 just to buy having phoned around 8 place for prices.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I did wonder what was up - the lady on the phone sounded a bit vague but sounded as if they were moving to a new premises and to ring Terry when he got back around the 19th. Yea, didn't think it would be cheap, but it's a risk also getting a second hand box unless you know / trust the person selling it. Do you happen to know any for sale?
  10. So I was driving my sportivo the other day and noticed a faint whirring / bearing type noise coming from the front of the car. The next day the noise was much more noticable. Taking off in first gear it's not really noticable, but 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th when you put the foot down from about 2000rpm onwards it gets louder but it's still there when you back off (though not as loud). I'm thinking gearbox bearings? Engine is fine, doesn't seem to be that. Rang Road and Track (Toyota specialists) in Ipswich but Terry is out of the country for 2 weeks. I'd look at second hand boxes but even second hand boxes are probably becoming quite worn at this stage and most have probably been flogged. Anyone have any idea how much a set of bearings comes to in these boxes including taking the box in and out? Syncros / gears seem fine. Cheers
  11. Hey guys, Rang GSL Rally in Brisbane today to ordrer a Whiteline rear sway for my sportivo and they said as whiteline does most of their manufacturing overseas now there could be a 6 week wait for the bar at least as they have none in stock. Does anyone know of any other places that may have a whiteline rear sway in stock to buy straight away? I'm doing my shocks / springs in 2 weeks and would idealy like to do the rear sway at the same time. Cheers
  12. Hey guys, I'm going to change all 4 shocks and springs on my sportivo soon. I've opted for 4 KYBs and a set of 30mm King springs. Does anyone have an idea how long they take to change? I possibly have a mate doing the job for me but I would like to give him a heads up on whether there are any surprises in store - i.e. if it's a 2 hour job or a 4 hour job. Any tips I can pass on would be handy too. Thanks in advance.
  13. I'm thinking of buying some KYB's for my Sportivo. Anyone have any good contacts for a supplier? Best I've found is on ebay at $522: Tried GSL Rallysport but they were about $100 more. Thanks in advance
  14. Ended up taking my car to Terry at Road & Track. Very happy with the service. He knew exactly what he was doing, rang me to let me know all updates and didn't change any parts that didn't need changing which is quite rare with many places these days.