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  1. Afternoon all, My interior on my Vienta Grande is falling apart, the leather is falling away from the door (the backing has all corroded etc etc) This has happened on the trim for both the front doors, and is happening on the rear right door. Any tips or suggestions as to what I can do replace this trim? Thanks in advance! Brad
  2. Band is going well :) We've changed names - a name which better describes our purpose and journey - Foundry Road =) Hopefully got gigs coming up soon!
  3. Hey all - since my departure a little bit of work has been done on my car - pretty much replacing front struts + springs, rear struts + springs... Got myself a new shiny set of 17"x7 Rodney Jane "Champ" with 235x45 MasterSteels on them ... looks pretty sweet now! Check out my gallery for pics - comments welcome!
  4. alarum

    alarum's 1998 Toyota Vienta

    My Polo Green baby :)
  5. In regards to flicking the transmission into Neutral while declining on a hill, I've read somewhere that damage can be done to the engine due to the wheels driving the engine, and not the other way. Has anybody heard of this?
  6. AAMI, Westmead, on the 98 Vienta - leather seats, sunroof, insured for $13k, up until recently $128.16 / month, from next month will be $104 / month
  7. To iterate once again, I've got a stacker from the 98 Vienta ... you want it? MAKE AN OFFER P:
  8. This is true .. unless you're going on hell-long trips, I usually find a single MP3 CD with a couple of albums usually suffices.
  9. I was initially looking at replacing the TR Magna with a later model - looking at TH / TJ. I had a deposit on a KF Verada but the dealer sold it on me. (Dodgy guy). And then buttered me up with the Vienta Grande - which I'm glad for, now.
  10. I've got the 98 Vienta, with a 6 disc stacker -- it's got all my dearly beloved Dream Theater CD's in there. If you're intested, PM or e-mail me, I'd be willing to sell it. (DT CD's not included. :))
  11. I wish my engine idled properly on cold start!
  12. Nice incline ;) 330kW @ 188kph... niiiice

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