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  1. Thanks, just trying to figure out how to get some pics and info up, hard to navigate from mobile
  2. 83ma61


    Any other mk2 owners around? I'm new to the online club setup not real sure how to navigate around yet and where to post but would love to go to a supra meet/cruise in south Aust. How can I keep posted about that sort of thing. cheers happy toyotering
  3. How do we find out more about a meet/cruise in south Aust. I'm new to this online club thing would love to take my car out
  4. Not sure if this is how to introduce my virtual self here but it seems it. I have an '83 ma61 (5m-e) supra if you haven't guessed, it's blue/grey, straight and makes lots of cool noises with the straight through and one muffler on the rear. Wondering about any supra meets going on