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  1. My 84 Celica

    I decided to make a custom crossmember so I can use the factory sump & oil pickup. I don't have any pics at the moment but will keep posting as often as I can.
  2. My 84 Celica

    So the project is slowly moving again I got a 40 litre fuel cell with a 380 lph fuel pump with some 3/8 aeroflow efi fuel line.
  3. My 84 Celica

    Water pump installed
  4. My 84 Celica

    Not much progress at the moment waiting for some parts to come. I made the new gearbox mounts and gave them a test fit. The gear box is still sitting a bit low so more mods are needed. I also went to the wreckers & got the power steering pump, tensioner, harmonic balancer & water pump pulley.
  5. My 84 Celica

    I removed the factory engine mounts to make way for my custom mounts.
  6. My 84 Celica

    Hello I would like to introduce myself my name is jay & I own a 1984 Celica RA65 XT. When I purchased this car in 2012 it was a beautiful running good condition vehicle with the dream of turning into a drift car. So hear we are in 2017 & my beautiful car is not so good. So the story goes like this. I am self employed with an extremely low income with a family, so money is tight most of the time so we make do with what we've got. Lets just say building a drift car is going to take some time. So back to the car, all was going well, I was keeping the car in good condition starting & running it every couple of weeks so i decided to star on the turbo convertion. I already had a turbo I purchased for a previous project that was scraped so I built myself a custom turbo manifold & put the turbo on th 22re, plumbed it all in with an intercooler & there you go one turbo 22re Celica happy days & then one day I went to start it up & no go. So is started to look at the obvious things(air, fuel, spark). I found there was no fuel & no spark. So I call an auto elec & got him to look at fixing the problem but he had no idea what was wrong with my car, I was deverstated all that work to put a turbo on my car had it running & then just would start. Well I wasn't going to stop there I was determined to get this car running again so I diced to remove all the problem parts & get all new ones. So I got some 3sgte fuel injectors, a megasquirt 2 ecu & wiring harness with a trigger wheel & Hall effect sensor to see if we could get the 22re pos running. But after 2 years of tryng to get that engine running again & having owned the car for 5 years I made an excecutive decition & romoved the 22re engine & w55 gearbox to try something new. So after watching an episode of mighty car mods (10 second sleeper) I spoke to my best mate & asked him what he was doing with the old Ford EB XR6 manual he had sitting in his back yard & explained what I wanted to do so he told me its mine. So this is where the story gets real interesting I now have a 1997 Ford EL engine bolted to a1991 EB XR6 5 speed sitting in the front of my Celica. This project has just started so I thought I would invite you take a look & follow me as the progress continues. Thank you for reading & hope to inspire other to start or complete there's projects no matter what others think. Just go for it.