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  1. The dash is out at the moment. I'm only using the front seats roof lining & dash with factory instrument cluster. The will be no carpet or rear seats & after it's been to the track the fan & heater will come out as well. The supra is still got the auto box in it & as I can't find a M series bell housing I won't be using this running gear. Not sure what I'm going to use right now but I'm always thinking about it.
  2. Lots of has been done. It's coming along nicely.
  3. The supra rebuild is coming along nicely so come & have a look.
  4. Rear glass & new steering wheel.
  5. Before & after. Rear bar & tail lights from the celica.
  6. The supra rebuild is coming along nicely.
  7. Hi I got myself a 1983 MA61 Celica Supra that I will be using as my track car so I will not be finishing this project however I am considering putting the ford running gear in the supra. If you would like to see this project you can see the progress here
  8. 1983 Toyota supra. 5me auto
  9. I decided to make a custom crossmember so I can use the factory sump & oil pickup. I don't have any pics at the moment but will keep posting as often as I can.