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  1. Was doing a ECU job, here is the ECU diagram
  2. Camshaft and ECU has been done. Unfortunately, it is a failure. Not much power being picked up. 98kw at 6000rpm. Rpm limit cannot be increased, what a bummer
  3. Terry, could you tell us more of your stories. Is this engine reliable for Lotus as a race car? How about naturally aspirated of this engine to 8000rpm, I saw MR2 doing this engine swap quite often? A gasket set is around $700, is that correct? and how much is the bearing, and how many man hours require to strip and reassemble?
  4. I always use Toyota factory ones, iridium, very good. I don't know much about ignition coils
  5. some articles about dyno, our dyno dynamics are very good
  6. Squalled has nailed it..If you can run three inch with a ecu tune. That might produce more hp according to the info at 1zz and 2zz I am running three inch pod filter on my 2zr using injen cai. But the tubing at two steps. From throttle body to the maf sensor, 2.5 to 2.75 Just 2 inches before the pod filter, it changes from 2.75 to 3.
  7. A bit of research about flywheel weight Honda Type R (NA) - around 6kg Toyota 2ZZ-GE - around 6kg My corolla 2ZR-FE - around 10kg This should explain why in 2ZZ-GE, dyno will read around 108kw at the wheel when stock, only 24% loss and my car will read only 70kw at the wheel when stock, 30% loss.. Honda Type R (NA) reads around 110kw stock at the wheel.
  8. Looks like the MAF is not in a good position, or the tubing is too big. In 1zz, 3 inch tubing requires a retune of ECU.
  9. Good, do you mind if I ask how much is the rebuild cost for labour?
  10. Have you found any engine builder you can trust?
  11. Also in Connecting rods Select stock or upgraded connecting rods for naturally aspirated and lightly boosted engine combinations. For serious turbocharged, supercharged or nitrous applications we strongly recommend upgrading to Crower billet connecting rods for additional safety and strength. I recommend getting a short block from them and put into your engine, in order to prevent careless mistake from mechanic in rebuilding engine. For the 2zr ones. Although the power rating is 650hp, but the rod bearing will fail first, if you look the the com rods for 2zr You better ask mwr for advice as they have a lot of experience in 2gr
  12. MWR said stock is cast.
  13. Have you found out what went wrong with compression? Any engine oil consumption? Sorry, for piston change , I cannot find any quick way. I can only find quick way to fix oil leak in valve seal. Is your problem happen all in a sudden or over time? What rpm does it happen?
  14. Factory 2gr has many forged internals. Forged camshaft and forged con rods. Piston is not forged. I still don't understand why your engine fails. You have around 210kw at the wheel. It is not too much. (A N/A build can make 200kw at the wheel at 6500rpm) Are you running your engine too lean? What is your af ratio? Taking the engine off cost around 2800 dollars. Plus you need to buy an engine from wreckers. You might also consider buying a short block from mwr and ship to Australia. The hard thing for Rebuilding engine is to find a person who knows this engine. It is hard to guarantee the workmanship quality There is a MR2 in Sydney running 2gr N/a and spin to 8000rpm. You might start contacting him for the person who knows this engine I also know that there may be a quick way of fixing this without taking the engine off. I will do some research