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  1. ben yip

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    Good, do you mind if I ask how much is the rebuild cost for labour?
  2. ben yip

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    Have you found any engine builder you can trust?
  3. ben yip

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    Also in Connecting rods Select stock or upgraded connecting rods for naturally aspirated and lightly boosted engine combinations. For serious turbocharged, supercharged or nitrous applications we strongly recommend upgrading to Crower billet connecting rods for additional safety and strength. I recommend getting a short block from them and put into your engine, in order to prevent careless mistake from mechanic in rebuilding engine. For the 2zr ones. Although the power rating is 650hp, but the rod bearing will fail first, if you look the the com rods for 2zr You better ask mwr for advice as they have a lot of experience in 2gr
  4. ben yip

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    MWR said stock is cast.
  5. ben yip

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    Have you found out what went wrong with compression? Any engine oil consumption? Sorry, for piston change , I cannot find any quick way. I can only find quick way to fix oil leak in valve seal. Is your problem happen all in a sudden or over time? What rpm does it happen?
  6. ben yip

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    Factory 2gr has many forged internals. Forged camshaft and forged con rods. Piston is not forged. I still don't understand why your engine fails. You have around 210kw at the wheel. It is not too much. (A N/A build can make 200kw at the wheel at 6500rpm) Are you running your engine too lean? What is your af ratio? Taking the engine off cost around 2800 dollars. Plus you need to buy an engine from wreckers. You might also consider buying a short block from mwr and ship to Australia. The hard thing for Rebuilding engine is to find a person who knows this engine. It is hard to guarantee the workmanship quality There is a MR2 in Sydney running 2gr N/a and spin to 8000rpm. You might start contacting him for the person who knows this engine I also know that there may be a quick way of fixing this without taking the engine off. I will do some research
  7. ben yip

    Ben Yip 's ZRE Facelift

    Camshaft stage two has been ordered from monkey wrench racing. It would estimate to produce 106kw at the wheel at 7000rpm. Rev limit will set to 7400rpm for safety reason. I hope it will not affect idle quality to an undrivable degree. Torque will probably drop a little to around 233nm at 5000rpm The duration of this cam is 264 and lift is 11.45mm. stock duration is 246 and 9.7m lift for intake. 106kw at the wheel will translate to 150kw at the flywheel, so looking forward to race a 86 in Wakefield park
  8. ben yip

    Strange Grinding Noise

    loose engine mount? No need to go to specialist, should be easy to find out on the dyno, with one person looking at the engine
  9. Jeff Please open your left passenger door to check the gear box model. It is hardcoded in a sllver badge with the VIN number, or call toyota directly to ask the gearbox model Australian zre in my version (2010 up) use EC60, previous zre version uses c60 USA uses different version Don't use a clutch LSD, it requires a lot more maintenance. I use the one from Quaife, it will tell which gearbox will it suit. You also need to buy few tapering bearing from toyota. It does not come with the LSD Installing LSD is not cheap, you might fix whatever stuff inside the gearbox, I fix a couple of rings inside my box Are you still considering getting another car?
  10. Jeff I used A1RM before, and charged me $170 per pair, compared with Remsa $55. Although A1Rm supports higher temperature, it requires suitable brake fluid to support it. Brake fluid is also very expensive. What brake fluid do you use? I havent tracked the car for 6 years now. I am preparing to track 2 years later. Winton requires LSD more than Wakefield, as so many continuous long corners. I lost so much time in those corners due to lack of LSD. I have LSD installed now. You might change the flywheel as well, it significantly improves acceleration in 1st and 2nd gear For the brake rotor, I noticed you are using DBA4000, it is much more expensive than stock, not sure whether I really need those rotors. Need your opinion How is your engine so far, do you plan to rebuild it? or change another car? Your has 31XXXX on the clock, is that right? Modify 2AZ-Fe in your car is so popular in USA
  11. Congratulations on new PB REMSA is good brake pads, I used it for track all the time, and they are cheap Any thoughts on this track day you want to share? 90KW is a bit high in stock in my opinion, provided 112kw at the paper for the flywheel, (around 20% drive chain loss)
  12. Very good to know. Highway miles are good to engine. I know some people using non synthetic engine oil and have engine oil consumption at low mileage. I use synthetic nulon 0w-40 and no engine oil consumption at all. Are you keeping the car for long? Looking after it and you can drive another ten years I suppose.
  13. Are you planning for an engine rebuild soon? 215000km is quite high. I would not use it for daily as traffic jam makes driving unenjoyable. My car is not daily driven as well, as I think I am wasting mileage on traffic jam. Especially spending a lot of time and effort to it.
  14. ben yip

    Ben Yip 's ZRE Facelift

    Dyno today to prepare for camshaft install, what a suprise, 91.7KW at 6000rpm, but in 5th gear. Last time reading was 86.8kw in 4th gear I have only changed new engine oil, new flywheel, LSD and new pod filter. This nst pulley is removed. It was raining in the morning and temperature is 16C, so I think the light weight flywheel gains 6kw According to this, flywheel gained 8whp Car is confirmed to cut by fuel when over reving, so unichip i-driver is on its way to increase rev limit to 7400rpm Now, I need to get the mechanic to fix the car for the front engine mount. Today discovered the engine mount is loose after replacing the clutch.
  15. ben yip

    Corollas - ECU tuning is now possible

    Thanks for your info. I might explore ecu reflash tune if unichip cannot solve my problem.