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  1. ben yip

    Ben Yip 's ZRE Facelift

    Dyno today to prepare for camshaft install, what a suprise, 91.7KW, but in 5th gear. Last time reading was 86.8kw in 4th gear I have only changed new engine oil, new flywheel, LSD and new pod filter. I don't know where the gain is coming from. It was raining in the morning and temperature is 16C Car is confirmed to cut by fuel when over reving, so unichip i-driver is on its way Now, I need to get the mechanic to fix the car for the front engine mount. Today discovered the engine mount is loose after replacing the clutch. Such a bad job
  2. ben yip

    Corollas - ECU tuning is now possible

    Thanks for your info. I might explore ecu reflash tune if unichip cannot solve my problem.
  3. ben yip

    Ben Yip 's ZRE Facelift

    Done a more thorough test with the flywheel and LSD. I am impressed. With my heavy 16 toyota factory wheel, rolling start from 1st gear will generate wheel spin all the way to second gear. This is not possible before. Second gear acceleration is more aggressive as well. For LSD, car no longer accelerate into straight line in turning corner. It is very useful in track day With my camshaft stage 1 installed later on, car is not slow compared to a 86, so I am happy to keep the car for a long while Estimated 0-100 time now is around 7.3 seconds
  4. ben yip

    Ben Yip 's ZRE Facelift

    Quaife LSD is installed, gearbox is reconditioned, few broken parts replaced MWR lightweight flywheel is installed Car has more acceleration in 1st, 2nd gear, it revs faster at standstill NST pulley was removed due to cracked into 3 pieces 4 years ago Next Mod MWR Camsahft stage 1 and stiff valve springs, have found a shop to do it WIll raise the rpm from 6400 to 7000rpm, estimate to increase peak power by 8% to approximately 94kw on the dyno, or 134kw on the flywheel, this is equivalent to 74kw per liter, Lightweight lithium battery, cost around $450, and will last much longer, weight <3kg. I can keep the car for another 7 years now. My odometer only reads 90000km now after 9 years, no engine oil consumption at all
  5. ben yip

    Engine / Power Upgrades.

    The aurion engine is very popular for people to modify, but not in an aurion Aurion engine swap on mr2 Use unchip or emanage for the ecu. Do the ecu upgrade after intake and full exhaust. I have gained 10 percent in midrange after tuning in my corolla
  6. ben yip

    Ben Yip 's ZRE Facelift

    Thanks Jeff. I have a kid now so don't want to change car. Today's car is getting too heavy, not fun on the track. I want to get a mini Cooper when my kid grows up., Something light and powerful. After putting a LSD,flywheel, camshaft, valve spring and increasing rev limit on my corolla, i The track day fun will come back. I estimate my 0-100 time would be around 7.2, so not bad at all.. Here is what I want.
  7. Is your stock engine 112kw? Happy for you to track winton. I practised in computer games years ago before tracking,save so much time in learning this track. No update from you recently?
  8. ben yip

    Aurion ECU vs American Camry ECU

    There is so much to be done at 2GR-FE. This engine is used in Lotus Check I know they are running emanage ultimate to increase the rev limit
  9. ben yip

    Ben Yip 's ZRE Facelift

    Doing the following. Lighweight flywheel, stage 1 camshaft, valve spring, increase rpm from 6600rpm to >7000rpm using latest unichip, very likely to hit around 92kw on the wheels Quaife LSD for EC60 gearbox, I need this as I have problems in exiting corner on the track Parts supplied by Lighweight flywheel wont increase the dyno number much because it is on 4th gear, but 1st and 2nd gear will have significant increase in acceleration
  10. Hong Kong protestors are using Toyata Chaser (without wheels) to block the main street
  11. ben yip

    Auto Folding Mirror Kit

    My car already has this, installed by probably another Michael, who is a Lexus techinican, so it will work
  12. ben yip

    Kenshin's Rice Rocket

    that equipment of tracking the time is expensive !! What have you got? Good for your PB, but why on street tyres again !!! want to see your pb on semis !!! I watch the video, I think you can brake later on corners, and that car is blocking you, sigh!!! I am not that far away from you, hahahaha
  13. ben yip

    aurion manual?

    Just come from a workshop today, he uses aurion engine on an ae86, ..I have a looking for this car today and it is a well crafted car..that ae86 appears on wtac uses a supra and hilux diff I have also a look for the lotus evora which uses an aurion engine, interesting to see what gearbox they are using
  14. ben yip

    GOLF 7 vs Corolla

    Also watch out for carbon deposit in direct injection engine in golf, and also high engine oil consumption in turbo and supercharger model... Have a look at Google about the two problems above and you will find heaps...however, in Toyota side, cvt might have issues as some drivers report here, do a research on this