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  1. Hi all, Car is sold and I have some extra parts lying around that some of you may want to buy. Cheers, Pete. Item 1: Rhino Rack roof racks to suit ZRE152 Location: Springvale, Victoria Website: N/A Item Condition: Used Reason for Selling: Extra parts, car is sold Price and Payment conditions: $200 SOLD Any additional information: Shipping: Prefer pickup or postage at buyers expense Pictures: 20170309_175639 by dwee., on Flickr Contact Details: via PM Item 2: OEM ZRE152 Tailights (Pair)
  2. Ah okay, last time I saw him was either at Garage Cafe or when I last organised go karts.
  3. BUMP! Wanted to say hi! What's happening with John these days?!
  4. Good work Jeffbro! Maintaining this thread haha
  5. Jeebus Bill! That's crazy! Good work mate!
  6. dwee.

    Hiro's AE102

    Fixed.I like this. :D
  7. Hi Charlie, Good to hear from you and that you still have the ZRE! I saw an email update on your thread and thought I would check it out! :P Good tasty mods as always! Keep it up. Will try catch up with you next time I'm up there bro! Pete.
  8. damn that is quite a difference... why the hell toyota always have a fist between the wheel arch and top of tyre from factory? Still around Duy? :P Man, it's so different on this forum!
  9. Sorry, I don't know the difference in chassis between ZRE152 & ZRE182. My guess is that they might be actually the same but someone would have to confirm that. I only did this ZRE152 parts list/FAQ because we were sick of people asking the same questions time and time again. We too (the first ZRE152 guys), at the time, had no information on what fitted and whatnot; it was only through trail and error, and expensive shipping mistakes that we found out. :) Not exactly the right spot to be posting this question. I'm not sure exactly about the 17" Aurion Sportivo rims but ZREs have definitely
  10. Hi Chris, It's probably not your brake fluid boiling because that fluid boils at 312 degrees even though it was really warm yesterday. It could be your brake master cylinder (seals? don't know) or maybe it's time that you upgrade your rotors... OR just don't brake at all hahahaha Cheers, Pete
  11. Lovin' it John! And the progress so far has been amazing! I always like your finer details and attention. Keep it up! :)
  12. dwee.

    ZRE corolla

    Keep up the good work Emma! Looking very nice and clean! :)
  13. Spotted Black Aurion ZR6 Sportivo with 8000K lows and foggies, gunmetal? rims and lowered (maybe) with plates EH2xxx going outbound from the city on Kings/Queens/Princess Hwy last night. I cruised with you all the way hahaha

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