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  1. Corolla Ascent Sport Red 2014

  2. Hi guys, I brought a genuine Toyota Sat Nav GPS unit to replace the stock unit and i would like to know were on the corolla does the GPS Antenna get installed on the 2014 Corolla Hatch models mine is the sports. Any links to removal and install's would be great.
  3. 2015 Camry Door Curtesy Lights Are Blank ???

    I will be doing the same I already brought a pair of LED Toyota Logo lights and will also have them wired just need to get the plugs with wires from a wrecked model that has them.
  4. I poped out one of the front door curtesy lights out only to find that they are just blank ??? why would they do that ??? does anyone know if the wiring and plug are there tucked away to be hooked up ?
  5. I am after a GPS / Sat Nav head unit with Antenna for my 2014 corolla sport.
  6. I know it would be expensive from Toyota hence why i mentioned apart from Toyota. From what i understand all you need to do is replace the head unit with a GPS one that comes with the GPS Antenna.
  7. Corolla Ascent Sport Red 2014

    Taking ownership of this nice Corolla in the next few days. Only 4326K's Toyota Corolla ADVZRE18R CV Ascent Sport 2014 Wildfire Red.
  8. Looking into replacing the standard head unit in my new 2014 Corolla Sport to a GPS head unit. What will I need and were can I find a GPS head unit apart from new from Toyota.
  9. Camry 2015 Dual Exchaust

    looking at getting a dual exhaust on my 2.5ltr Altise will this improve the performance of the car or will it be just for looks as Toyota puts them on the Atara's.
  10. Toyota Camry Altise 2015 White

    I have taken ownership of this new Toyota Camry Altise and I am currently giving it some upgrades so it's not the boring stock standard Altise.
  11. Dual Climate Control On Altise ASV50R 2015

    Been finding more info on this sounds like you can get it to work a unit would have to be swapped and 2 sensors installed but nothing concrete as in proof that they were ever fully completed.
  12. 2015 ASV50R Radio Swap Over For SatNav ?

    I have an aftermarket head unit in my Kluger and the sound quality was the same if not better as I can fully adjust the sound to my liking as for my standard unit in my camry I can barely adjust anything at all. At least they also blend into the car better then some units that stick out like they don't belong in the car.
  13. 2015 ASV50R Radio Swap Over For SatNav ?

    And will these retain the steering wheel controls and reverse camera and bluetooth and will it be plug and play or will there be rewiring involved.
  14. 2015 ASV50R Radio Swap Over For SatNav ?

    Do you have a recommendation on a aftermarket one that blends in ?