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  1. Hey Chris Got the package, thanks for the Mentos Installed the reverse, parkers and number plate lights with ease. Better than stock. Thanks for the kit, and ill take some pictures this weekend and post it up.
  2. Hey Chris Any of the 182R still available? Thanks, Daniel Which one would you like? Hey Chris The exterior set please. Thanks
  3. Hey Chris Any of the 182R still available? Thanks, Daniel
  4. Yeah I ran some numbers as well, as long i stick to 17x7 with 42 offset I would be fine. Wheel gap can be fixed with bigger side wall lol
  5. lol, yeah it is but I don't think ill do it. With stock it already looks low anyways
  6. Atm its all stock. Any ideas on what won't rub?
  7. thanks for the info Jeffy, I'll go with the 17x8 +33
  8. lol thats low. How much did your front stick out when you got them? I'm not sure on the width and offset to go for. Either 17 x 7 with 42 or 17 x 8 with 33
  9. Yeah I'm leaning towards the SSR GTV02 17" x 8 5x114.3 +33 lol how low did you wanna go?
  10. Yeah its really to hard to find mods considering how new the car is, most parts are in japan which are expensive. What offset are you running on yours? also are they 18"? Im considering getting SSR GTV02 or GTV03 just not sure what size. Hmmm 2 and a half might not scrape.
  11. usually rims would be others first choice, how about, a rear sway bar ? or window tints maybe ? Rims are my first choice, just saving enough money. Apprentice wages is killing me. Next will be dark tint all round, strut tower brace, maybe lower it (just not sure if it will scrape when I enter and exit my drive way - pretty steep)
  12. Congrats on the car and welcome. I haven't done anything to my corolla, just can't decide.
  13. Hey Johno, I got a 2013 SR 4x4 Double Cab Hilux Turbo Diesel Auto. I know for the 2014 models, they have add extra safety features to make it get a 5 star ancap rating. (read link below) http://www.caradvice.com.au/267737/2014-toyota-hilux-new-auto-safety-upgrades-price-rises-for-double-cab-ute/ Now if your getting a used Hilux between 2004 and end of 2009, make sure to check it has done its saftey recall notice for a cable which controls the drivers side air bag (can cause it will not deploy in an accident) I'll just list what I find annoying about the Hilux, - Extremely large, whenever I go

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