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  1. Wheel Brand/Design: Volk TE37 Replica Wheel size: 19" Wheel width: 8.5" Wheel offset: 35 Tire size: 245/40/19 Suspension type: Stock Feedback: little bouncier than stock (expected for 19"s) no rubbing since at stock height.
  2. Hi Guys, Any other reviews on any other underseat subs? Any reviews on Fusion CP-AS 1080?
  3. Hey Genie, I just installed eonon unit (your 2nd option) in my car and can say it does what it says it does and for the price you pay it has good features and all of the features work. (steering wheels controls work to without a separate module or harness) and its plug and play and connects to factory wiring harness and an easy diy job. (plenty of youtube videos on how to install eonon d5164). 1 reason i got it was I didnt like the blank space creates by that facia (option 1) and installing a double din with same features would ve cost probably double but then again good brand double din player would give better sound quality and durability. All 3 options of yours would work depends on what exactly you want. Let me know if you need more help on eonon unit. (i think its cheaper to buy from eonon website if you go down that path and its around $300 and that all its gna cost you). Cheers
  4. I don't have a diamond key. Do Aurions have that type of key?
  5. Thanks mate that helped! Their user manual is rubbish.. Lol didn't think it would go up side down..
  6. Yea that would help.. I actually have 3 keys and 2 remotes for my car so I wouldn't mind having a key like that even a non pop out key with buttons in it. But it seems button orientation is different to our remote so not sure the stuff inside the remote will fit this.
  7. Hey Guys, sorry to dig up an old thread but has anyone had any luck doing this? has Key/Remote all in one key?
  8. So I have changed my stock head unit to eonon d5164 today. everything is working as for my expectations except map SD card slot. micro SD card wont go in fully and it seems spring mechanism starting before card goes in fully. :( other SD card slot works fine. Has anyone whos got a d5164 experienced this? or any way to fix it? Cheers.
  9. Hey Guys, Because you can get new bumpers fairly cheap most Bodyworks choose to replace bumpers on Camry/Aurion as it makes near as makes no difference inprice for them to try and smooth out old pitted, scratched bumpers then prep and respray as it is to unwrap new ones and prep and respray :)but yeah really depends on how bad your bar is. Anyhow i have got the part numbers and RRP prices of the Aurion bumper/spoiler. Front Bumper Cover - 52119-06933 $244.40 Front Spoiler Cover - 76851-06904 $139.70 Spoiler Protector Mould LH & RH - 76877-8Y002** $6.82 each ** Denotes Colour Code (Either Grey(C0) or Black) Hope this helps! Matt. Hey Matt, digging an old thread but would you happen to know the prices for a rear bar and a rear bumper lip for an pre facelift sportivo? or the part numbers? Thanks heaps
  10. Thanks Drew. I ll keep an eye out for it on ebay & gumtree.
  11. I guess I ll just vinyl it until i source a sportivo lip or a rear bar from wreckers. You won't be able to vinyl straight over it, the hole's too big. (well you can, but something will pierce it. plus you'll still notice the indent anyway.) Not sure if the bottom half of the bar can be sourced on it's own but good luck searching! Wreckers? btw guys anything I should look out for other than oil leak and general condition?
  12. Well if i end up buying this it will be black. :S and i think you are in SA so it would be difficult to swap.. maybe there is someone who would be interested in getting a tow bar and has a black sportivo.
  13. What other options do I have if I can't find a cover for it? Vinyl wrap it or get a new sportivo rear lip.. ??
  14. Sure will let you know once its done. ^^