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  1. hey man you reakn you can pm me the name of the front bodykit and head it

  2. Congrats the to Lakers, Most consistent team all season. What was this ? Shown at the end of the game conference


    It gives an oppurtunity for another industry. . No more G hugs.
  4. No amount of chrome in the world can ever amount to that of Boostcruising. - As much as some people would like to, we don't keep our cars forever Plus, some move on.
  5. Haha I didn't see you man! Was on my way into Uni.. How awful was the rain! I would prolly flood this thread the amount of times that sexy blue vitz comes into view. Please tell me you haven't placed any scratches on those rims :)
  6. Mic looks after his car and parts very well. May be a little slow this time of the year but GL with the sales. The C-one muffler was used by both of us, no issues what so ever. There is a dint however this doesn't affect it structorally. On a 2ZZ it will improve low to mid ranges accompanied with a quality catback, frequent lift users will love the sound, can supply or view videos for examples. Sounds the same on idle and mid rev ranges on a 1zz. You can tell the quality of the product just by taking a peep at the welds. - If you are scepticle about the coilovers, they can be tested. Not once where we faced with any sort of problems, whether it may be leaks or noises. It is great for street, every day driving (cept parra road jk :P). They're not designed for track but I have known people to use it. I personally wouldn't as the stiffest setting IMO isn't sufficient enough. These not only feal great but mind you are in excellent condition.
  7. Very nice Mic. Used to the ride comfort yet? :)
  8. Definitely one of the more tasteful airbrush jobs around. Nicely themed and the colour co-ordination sets it apart. GL with modding the rest, if there is any :)
  9. Nice smooth look, well done.
  10. Might be an idea to look into the TRD High compression piston set.
  11. TRDYUS


    Really liking the canards, a little change from seeing them scattered around Evo's & STi's. The cars set out nicely, especially with it's wheel structure. Good luck with further encounter's.
  12. You're better off uploading them to a picture service like or The linking is automated and much tidier to display multiple items.
  13. Ken when you mentioned Works I naturally assumed they would be bronze :) but these suit sooo much better. Too much JDM around this thread, need to un-it a little ... Siiiiiiiiiik ;) What's next man?
  14. TRDYUS

    Who has been Ill?

    Most people I know have either been I'll or someone close to them has caught something. It's going around quite heavily.