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  1. yeh i could get an aftermarket Head unit really easily, but since its a company car and shouldnt really be touching anything in the car, i wasnt to put an original unit in, at least it looks semi factory.
  2. yeh already on it, seeing if anybody on here has 1 also. But thanx
  3. As title says, im after a Original 6 stack CD/MP3/AUX/ Bluetooth player that comes out of new model Toyota Corollas/Rav4s/Hilux. I want to swap out my original basic single CD player out of my 06 hilux for something with AUX in so i can listen to my ipod. Something around $200
  4. hey mate, just wondering where u bought the sub box or did u make them yourself?


  5. ive had both and i like SRI more, easier to installed as mention and makes the car a lot more drivable. Buy my 1
  6. cars looking shmick!! looks like youve tinted your taillights in 1 of those pics. Im gonna miss my car once its gone.
  7. daviboy

    Evo's 1zz

    Dont you hate waiting for parcels. I recieved some stuff from Ebay today!!! yay
  8. daviboy

    Evo's 1zz

    Now i dont mean to be an A**hole, but how are you so certain that you will beat a lot of cars? All i am comparing it to is when DuGong had his TRD supercharged 1zz, all the power it was making was 140kw at the Motor, which i think is a bit less than what a sportivo makes out of the box. So i dont wanna ruin the party, but we'll all just have to wait for the Dyno Figures or Timeslips of the runs i guess. Nice Plates BTW, definitely creative. They charge through the roof for custom plates, even in NSW.
  9. that is very good looking, It just takes time to appreciate it for some people. But i still like my Lamborghinis better.
  10. eyelids look sexy when they are the same colour as the car! i got mine done as well recently, can u feel the difference with the rear strut? is it actually welded to the car body?
  11. UPDATE 13/5/09 Got my Eyelids Painted and put on. And bonnet resprayed. Now im content with the car, but im over it. So i ordered a Motorbike 2day
  12. UPDATE 07/05/2009 Got Apexi Power intake. Love it!!!! It is so fkn loud and i love it to bits

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