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  1. Great purchase Alex. :-) Will be following where you take that car as you never disappoint in terms of tastefull mods.
  2. The Polyurethane Engine Mounts Are In The Rolla...>Oh What A Feeling! =-D

    1. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X

      "oh what a feeling?" u mean... more vibration? LOL :P

    2. itsmehuey


      I guess that's the feeling he's referring to.

  3. Any admin here? I am still having account seems like the pms I am sending ain't reaching their destination. Can you please look into it? Thanks.

  4. Did you get my pm now? If not can you contact me please?
  5. Hey Young I sent you a pm in regards to the rear skirt, did you get it?
  6. I am really sad to see what happened to your car Lee especially knowing how you looked after her. :( I hope everything works out and she will be back as glamourous as she was.
  7. Hey guys, I would like to buy those polyurethane engine mount inserts and was just wondering whether anyone would have one set they would like to sell. I looked at the monkey wrench racing site and they are selling for $29 but delivery would cost $65-75 on top. If ever other ppl are interested may be we can combine a few orders. I checked for 5 sets the combined delivery is around $68-97.
  8. Does anyone know a good car electrician in melbourne south eastern suburbs that you can recommend? Thanks.

  9. Hey guys, I was thinking about something earlier while looking for some DIY(not sure if it has already been said before or not). Anyways, my thoughts were in the workshop submissions where it involves a lot of the DIY, it would be good to have the title of the worthy and well written submissions/topics to start with the key word DIY or even "how to" just like how Rollarollin did. Then, it would make searching of what you are after much easier. An even better way would be to pin the good ones at the top or create a just one topic that references the good ones.
  10. Bought New Battery This Morning After Had To Jump Start Car...Got "Century" from Burson for $107...Is it a good battery? :-s

    1. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X

      any battery is good. just make sure your alternator works well haha

  11. Can an admin confirm whether my account has been upgraded yet? I wonder why is it such a hassle? Not even sure if Steve cares or not.

    1. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X

      he does, maybe he has been very busy of late. what upgrade do u require? turbo kit? u already got the PFC :P

    2. DJKOR


      It says in your profile that you are a TOC Supporter. This was added to your membership a while back I rememeber. What seems to be the issue.

    3. thegourou20


      Yeah I know Dj but for some reason when I look at the forum front page it says my membership paid until the 30 Dec 2010 on the right topish. :-l

  12. If a cop has his laser gun pointing in the direction you are travelling. Will he book you on the spot if you are speeding or can you receive a ticket in the mail later? :-s

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    2. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X

      wait... did u say same direction you are traveling? so you were driving away from him right? if so then no he is detecting the traffic in the opposite direction

    3. thegourou20


      Phewwww...I wasn't sure 100% whether he got me or not as I was speeding a little bit probably earlier.

    4. KIRIUS