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  1. Hey peeps hows things...long time no speak. Not much has changed,cars still going strong the only new addition lately is a new set of tyres...now running Kuhmo KU31's and I've upped the size on the rears to 255/40/19 fronts 245/40/19,the rears just fit after raising the azz a bit...looks different. Cheers Lee
  2. Very nice mate...and the white would be my choice also. Starting see a few modded ones prancing around and they do look good.
  3. Cheers mate...I getting some new 255/40/19 Kuhmo KU31's very cheap thru work next month for the rear so that should just about do it for a while,other than that i'm running out of ideas. maybe time for a new car...2013 Chrysler 300 SRT 6.4lt Hemi,i took one for a blap at work the other day,wow power and comfort,the ultimate gangsta mobile....lol.
  4. Not bad would be better with a more aggressive offset and 19" ...my advice take your time and choose wisely.
  5. Looks good mate...nice work :)
  6. Nah the indicator is where the hi beam light (inside light) is just using a yellow globe and the other light (outside light) is the normal headlight and the hi beam in one...not the best set up but it works ok.
  7. lol...20's look great they just scrub no what you do...been there done that. quite a few people in the wheels and tyre thread have said they get no scrub yeah no scrub when sitting at 4x4 height (stock) but as soon as ya lower em trust me there is some scrubbage no matter what you do,as I said been there done that and the only way I could get a decent stance/height was to go coilovers with 19's,even running coilovers with my 20's didn't work unless I raised the car to a height that in my eyes was not quite sitting right and definatley not low enough...not trying to be a smartazz but I think ne
  8. Yeah I can honestly say I don't love it but it pays the bills and I've been doing it for over 20yrs so the novelty has definitely worn off. and I bloody get up early to drive the missus to work,trust me I would rather be in bed snoozing considering i'm only a 2min drive from my work and don't start til 7.30am....and yes I still drive,lol.
  9. Congrats mate and welcome to the extreme club...all ya need now is some rims and some decent rubber and you will be surprised how well the big boats really handle. look forward to some pics. and $2000 fitted sounds about right....hehe I got mine for around $1850 fitted after they mucked me around with shockers & springs that didn't fit and wasted a whole day in their workshop but in the end it all turned out good.
  10. Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge,Great Wall,Hyundai,Fiat,Alpha Romeo....spare parts interpreter.
  11. Very nice mate...nothing like this at work,the boys in the workshop would be impressed. don't see to many Iloads/Imaxes modded....you crazy mofo,lol.
  12. got one of these sitting in my driveway....absolutely wicked to drive,spewing its only on loan from work.
  13. Is it just me or does anyone else notice the lack of quality posts lately....i miss DJ and some of the ole crew.

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      He looks to be sporting different club stickers nowadays.

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      Nationals would be sick!!! wonder if mine and dads car would be ready :D

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