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  1. I'm wondering if anyone can help me identify the wiring connector that plugs into the socket in the attached photo. I know its used in various parts of Toyota/Lexus/Scion cars, including mirror indicators and DRL's. Any info that someone might have would be much appreciated!
  2. Item: Set of fog lights, to suit the Corolla ZZE122 facelift hatch (2004-07). Set includes the lights, plastic surrounds and 55w halogen bulbs. Location: Bray Park, Queensland Item condition: New Reason for selling: I ordered these for our wagon, but the seller sent the pack with the plastic surrounds to suit the hatch by mistake, then told me they only have the hatch surrounds! The surrounds for the wagon and sedan are super rare, so I've decided to sell the kit. Price: $50 firm, payment can be cash on pick-up, or by Paypal. Shipping: Item can be picked-up if you're local, or I can post for an additional $20. Contact details: PM on the forum, email: odg495@gmail.com or text 0410 061 202.
  3. In regard to the comfort of the 86 seats, I've rented a couple and spent some hours in Sydney traffic, and myself and my wife are both bigger people. I thought it would be a hassle but the seats were very comfortable for long stints behind the wheel. We also hired one here in Brissie and took it for a run up around the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, and again, we both found the seats to be comfortable and supportive. : Currently saving pennies so I can buy an 86 of my own! :-)
  4. I had a set fitted to my MY12 Yaris, and yes, the wiring is mostly there ... in fact, when they're switched on, the light in the instrument cluster is activated. I had an auto electrician mate wire things up, just because I don't trust myself with that stuff, but it was very straight forward.
  5. Its been a long time since I was last on the forums, but here's how my Yaris is looking today ...
  6. I've read right through this topic, and I just need to ask, what sort of terrain is being traversed when these bad fuel economy figures occur? When I bought my manual 2012 Yaris, I did test drive an auto, but found it to be shocking to drive up hills (my test drive was around Ashgrove/Kelvin Grove here in Brissie, where its pretty undulating road. I reckon at least half of my daily commute involves some decent hills, and I reckon the auto would have struggled with that had I bought it. My trip computer shows a pretty constant 6.5 litres per 100 kms, which equates to over 600 kms on a full 42 litre tank. Doing some manual figures show the computer is fractionally optimistic but close enough to not worry about it. I recently drove my Yaris on a road trip (Brisbane - Dubbo - Bathurst - Sydney - Coffs Harbour - Brisbane) and it averaged 5.9 litres per 100 kms, mostly on cruise control but with air con and plenty of roadworks on the southerly run.
  7. Yep, I am back ... sort of ... trying to keep away from work long enough to catch up with the Brissie folks. Hopefully this Thursday I'll be out.
  8. Thanks, I'm really enjoying driving this little one, especially around town. I've had a succession of autos over the last 7 or 8 years, so nice to run a manual again. Mechanically, this generation Yaris is pretty much identical to the older model as far as I can gather. Certainly, the 4x100 wheel PCD is still current for it.
  9. Just putting up a pic of my latest ride. Only some cosmetic additions so far, optioned with the factory seat covers, mats and cruise, since added some Toyota alloys, slimline weathershields, a Yaris sedan rear visor, some subtle striping and some extra Yaris and VVTi badges.
  10. Thanks guys, looking forward to catching up with some of the Brissie guys & gals tonight.
  11. I will be out this week in my new Yaris, looking forward to catching up with everyone.
  12. Hi everyone, I've been a member of TOCA for a number of years, but recently I've been busy with work and study, so haven't kept up with everyone. Now I've bought a new Yaris YR, I'm going to be more involved with the club in future. I've had her a month, and at this stage she's standard apart from factory seat covers and mats, and some Toyota alloy wheels.
  13. Just a question for MR-S owners ... can you tell us some more about the gearbox in this model? How are the shifts (feel/speed) and what issues do people have with them? Cheers.
  14. Still got our silver 04 wagon, running sweet as. Will probably bring my XR8 out on Thursday, though.
  15. G'day guys, been a massive case of "long time, no see", but I'm keen to head out on Thursday night this week coming and catch up. Doesn't matter if you haven't met me before ... I've lost enough weight that the older members probably won't recognise me, anyway! :-)
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