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  1. Yeah I think your right Conrod, I should have got a cable speedo. But now I have gone electronic I'm sure I gust need a different number of teeth on my cog that is stuck in the trannie. I have been flat out so haven't had time to research this but I figure that as I'm am showing 20% to fast and that I have a 19 tooth cog I should try a 21 tooth cog. I have been to Toyota but they seem to have less info on what I need then a random in the street.
  2. So I think I have an 88 hilux that came with a 3y. Someone has put a 4y in and a g52 gearbox from a 4runner. they also changed the instrument cluster to some sort of 94 hilux. Now as my original ute had a cable speedo but the updated ute has an electronic speedo sensor/vss screwed in and an electronic speedo dash/instrument cluster i had no wiring harness to connect them. found the wiring diagram for the vss and tapped into 12v, ground, and i ran a wire to the back of the speedo in the dash to the screw that says "s" on it. now it is working, however it is showing the wrong speed by about ten klicks an hr at 60 and 20 klicks at 120. im guessing I have the wrong cog in the gearbox for the cluster that is in it. I have 19 plastic cogs on my wheel and I read somewhere that 21 is normal for Toyotas? does anyone know if this is true and what I need to buy. cheers
  3. I am at a bit of a loss because I own a 88 hilux petrol 2wd model YN85R-TRKRSQ which says it came with a 2Y engine. But under the hood there is a 4Y on the top of the engine. My problem is that the speedo isn't working and the fuel gauge looks like it isn't in the right place. Now I have pulled the cluster and the back of the cluster was burnt so i got a new one that is the same. I installed it and taco still works and temp works but the fuel gauge is on a weird amount. The speedo still doesn't work. I pulled the speed sensor out of the gearbox and it has no wires attached to it. So my two questions are: Can I calibrate the fuel gauge? what is the wiring harness called that goes to the vss and where does it go? below are some pics any help identifying what the gearbox is would be super helpful as well. I'm not even sure if that cluster is the right one to be using.

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