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  1. Michael.q was tellin me bout that the other week I think! lol, yeh i also did the black housing headlights ahhahah ohhh, i see i was gona say how did you notice it, its so small lol, i guess it was when i was parked at the back of the line of cars. i should really get the big dent fixed lol saw ur car at livo westfields few weeks back. mann ur dents massive! wtf happened? LOL he blames me for giving him badluck btw tiet did you find out whose stivo it was when we were driving down hume after city
  2. LOL please anthony, we all know you got a sportivo cos you saw me driving it on that wollongong cruise HAHA
  3. Canon and Nikon are really different when you've tried both - i prefer Canon lols thats what i use to use when i was doing photography at clubs. Nikons are cheap though i'd say Canon is better quality if your willing to splurge
  4. Nokia e72 is pretty good, boyfriend got it for my birthday its got 5megapixel and has that front camera too and you can access the gps without internet as well as a built in dictionary the memory of the phone is crap though it comes with a 4gb micro sd ontop of that its pretty cheap if you buy it outright - $410 for brand new plus delivery :) Iphones are crap ! everyones got one, if you want someone similar you can get the Motorola MILESTONE its got a slide qwerty
  5. ... since when were you mando LOL anyways its wo ai ni noobs :)
  6. LOL cbf reading the 3 pages so if these have been said, IM SORRY *Licks finger - wipes it on __* 'Lets get you out of them wet clothes ;) What has 178 teeth and holds back the hulk ? my zipper My love for you is like diarrhea, i just cant hold it in There is 206 bones in the body, want another one ? If you were a wedgie, i'd pick you If i flip a coin, what are the chances of me getting head HAHA enjoy :)
  7. haha i think the cars cursed man, after i sold it to him he also had a rear end accident well anyways its NOT on revs so really no one would know
  8. Only thing about my food i dont like, is the balut; (yes we eat it, but i dont) and dinuguan (which translates to blood. dinugu = blood/bleed) but anyway, back to asian girlfriends never...everr....cheat on an asian girlfriend... ever. lol okay, maybe i dont like Filo food as much now.............. ewwwww :( err thats laos food and its a duck egg LOL anyways true, my sisters boyfriends have only been non-asian her current ones greek oh lala think how hot the kids would be!! LOL too bad im racist and only stick to my own kind :)
  9. LOL if your finding it hard to save, just go on a diet LOL i swear that always works for me !! all that money i save from not eating out LOL plus not being in a relationship is pretty good too :)
  10. 2004 sportivo got it when i was 17, then write it off beginning of this year LOL at least i had it for over a year ?
  11. Trey Songz ft Teyana Taylor & Fabolous - I need a girl (REMIX) Lloyd ft Juelz Santana - Pusha Tyrese ft Pitbull & Kardinal Offishall - Take me away (REMIX) Pitbull ft Akon - Shut it down <-- DOWNLOAD ! Akon ft Ice Cube, R Kelly, Juelz Santana & Jim Jones - Number 1 girl
  12. LMFAO moneys meant to be spent ! nah :( i need to save for my evo8 HAHAHAHAHAHAH, im just $35000 short !
  13. haha babies cute !! so white LOL
  14. LOL WHAT WHAT ANTHONY ?!?! 10 tickets ?!?! LOLOL im buying all off friend for $115 !! if anyone needs tickets :) pm within