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  1. Oh Dave, how I love you.

  2. Personally I wouldn't bother buying a DSLR unless you're going professional with it. Getting your lighting and exposure right is far more important than the type of camera or lens you have in most cases, unless of course you're going for that slight edge compared to the happy snaps. If you're serious in photography, then by all means get one...but if you're not you're just wasting money on functions that you'll never be using. My missus is a professional photographer in Perth and has won numerous photography competition overseas, and her opinion of that is don't get into the trend of having a huge f-off camera and lens thinking you'll be a master over night. If you're serious about it, take a look at the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. 21.1MP with embedded full frame CMOS sensor and various (many) other functions entry ones like 1000D or 450D don't offer. Have a think ;)
  3. I saw door and got excited, little did I realise it was fibreglass and it's see through. Can't install that as the front door of the brothel I'm opening then...!
  4. More trophies for the collection says (4:03 PM): http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/inde...mp;#entry373897 Jase says (4:06 PM): You love me. More trophies for the collection says (4:03 PM): I do, I swear my undying love for you!
  5. Thanks guys. I'll call around to find out I think. Although, most likely than not I'll just get a replacement key from Toyota instead. Eeeeeeeeeeeep!
  6. Hi guys and girls, long time since I've posted. Silly father of mine misplaced one of the keys to our ZRE152 Corolla Sedan. I know approximately how much it'll cost to replace one, but does anyone know of any alternatives? i.e. buying the key on ebay and then have Toyota cut and program it? Or if anyone in Perth can get a better price because they work at Toyota? Much appreciated. I don't feel like forking out $400 odd to get another one. Cheers, Jason
  7. I'm also curious and excited, what ECU did you use? That alone would've set you back a bit...!
  8. I hate Asians, especially SuperDave.
  9. I can tell you now that is not the case. The liklihood of them having a high resolution picture of you driving is as high as a picture of pigs flying. The act of handing in another persons driver's license to pay a fine happens on a daily basis in WA and them boys in blue probably do know but can't do anything about it.
  10. Hi guys, My dear old lady recently bought a brand new toyota aurion touring series SE automatic, and it seems to be a lovely car with more than enough power for the mother who is ending closer to 60 to kick out of. Well anyway, I've taken it for a drive a few times and have noticed this clicking sound. Let me elaborate... This only happens on cold starts. When I reverse out of my drive way I straighten up when I get on the road, shift it to drive and drive off like nomal. accelerating only slightly as the car is still warming up. EVERY time after driving forward for about 5 seconds, there is quite a sharp 'click' (which almost sounds like central locking your car) that happens. I wasn't so sure what it was, and I thought there might be something wrong with the brake pads settling in a new car. I took it back to Toyota and brought the issue up, left it there over night for the 1000km service, and they said it's the ABS activating. Is this true? I have no knowledge on how the ABS unit works, but from my previous 2 cars which have had ABS, I've never encountered such a problem. Sorry for the lack of detail and explanation, but I'm at work right now. If you guys need me to clarify anything please let me know, and I'd value any responses. Cheers, Jase
  11. Please wait a few seconds for Video to Load! A little clip was given to me, had a good little laugh!
  12. Condoms. And I'm not joking either, you have no idea how big aids/stds is in a third world countries.
  13. Comon guys, if you can afford modding your car you can definitely afford a couple of dollars or ten to give to a good cause. Not everyone in this world are as fortunate as us, think about it. Bumpity bump.
  14. you can definitely repair that, no need to replace.
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